Opening Day Celebration

Keefe, Huskisson and Frick

HONORED GUEST! Jay Schramm, right, SSS league President, presented a special plaque to Ray Frick, owner of Fricker’s, acknowledging their eight year league sponsorship. Jerry Keefe, left, and Jeff Huskisson are joined by members of the Legends League at the opening day festivities. All members of the league received one free Fricker’s frickin’ chicken chunk meal, courtesy of Fricker’s. (photo/Joel Hansen)


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Harvard Barbershop 25 – Glass City Investigations 15
The barbers put on another good hitting display scoring 25 runs on 31 hits to beat Glass City 25-15. Again, everyone contributed with Jerry EDMUNDSON and Bill COX both going 4/4. Dave RONAU, Gary MEYER and Bob HOFFMAN each 4/5. EDMUNDSON and RONAU each with an ITP HR, HOFFMAN 3 doubles to go along with 6 RBI’s. Great game.

Glass City played their hearts out and fought back after being down by several runs and closed to within ten before losing 25 to 15. Paul BARNES had a couple nice hits and played a good third base. Colonel KORN played a good midfield making three assists on hard hit balls. Glass City continues to improve and will get better with time.

Hansen STATE FARM 21 – Allshred 9
State Farm garnered their first win of the season by mercing Allshred in six 21 to 9 on a cold night. Granville SMITH and Casey SMITH led the way going 4-4. Roy KOSCHALK was 2-2 with a walk, while Criag MANTEY went 3-4. Rich KNAPPKE hit an ISP HR in the first inning to get State Farm boys going.

MMXV winter softball games continued Tuesday with Freedom Machinery edging out a very competive Andy and Barnies team. Another good outing for pitcher Ron FOX a line drive homerun by Gari RUTH clutch single by Charlie Mc MILLEN and great fielding plays by Mike NIDEK Mark GEDERT and the rest of the infield contributed to our success.

A very good FM team handed A&B there first lost, winning 17-11. Jon LaBEAU had a ITPHR and Bill BRAY had a double & triple for A&B.

Field #3: with the wind blowing out, and cold – the ball was was flying, creating havoc for the outfielders in a wild contest, won by A&B 26-25. Pool player Mark GEDERT, in the line-up for an injured Tom DUHART, hit two homeruns, going 4/4. Chuck FELTMAN was 3/4, Bill Bray 3/3, Gary WALTON 3/3, and Jim BURNOR 3/3, set the pace, as A&B collected 30 total hits. A&B scored six runs in the bottom of the 7th to win and improve their record to 3-1.

The Barbers came up 1 run short on a cold,windy night losing to A&B’s team 25-24. After digging ourselves a big hole, down 15-7 after 5 innings, the bats finally came alive scoring 17 runs in the last 2 innings to go up 24-20 only to see A&B come back with 5 of their own to win a hard fought game. 33 hits and 24 runs were not quite enough. Hitting leaders were Bob BRIGGS 4/4, Dave RONAU and Bob HOFFMAN each with an ITP HR. Way to come back guys

Sundown Cantina #2 18 – Sundown Cantina #1 16
There was a showdown at sundown for the 2 Cantina teams. The teams were battling back at forth when Dandars’ team came back in the 6th with 5 runs to tie the game at 16. In the top of the 7th, Don DHEEL and John KUSCHELL stood their ground and took walks. Hits by Neal KLOPPING, a walk to Bill GARBER then Bobby COLLINS drove in the winning runs. Top hitting performers were Bill GARBER (4/4, 2B, 3B), Doug QUINT (3/4, 2B), Don DHEEL (2/3, 3B), John KUSCHELL (2 hits and 2 BB). A solid team performance where everyone got on base.

Cantina 1 met Cantina 2 on another cold night. Cantina 1 continues to improve as our loss was by a slimmer margin than past weeks falling to Cantina 2 by 2 runs 18-16. Bill TREGO started the offense in the bottom of the first with an inside the park home run, and several batters later Ed BLANKENSHIP launched the first of his two home runs. Cantina 1 was down most of the game but made a 5 run comeback to tie the score 16 all in the 6th. Cantina 2 pushed across 2 runs in the top of the seventh but Cantina 1 couldn’t match them coming up just short.

Sundown Cantina #2 18 – Citizen Action Group 17 – 8 innings
Sundown Cantina #2 rallied with 5 runs in the 7th to tie and 2 in the 8th to win the game. CAG had lead most of the game. Hitting well for Citizens were Randy MAIN 4/4 with 2-HRs, Dan KORCSOG 4/4 with HR,Tony RUTKOWSKI 3/4,and Tom TAYLOR 2/4 with 2-2B.

Cantina #2 was up against the hitting machine of CAG tonight who blasted to an early 4-0 lead. We took protective cover and slowing started coming back when, in the bottom of the 7th we came back with 5 runs to tie. CAG scored 1 in the top of the 8th and the defense held. We came to bat with a runner on 2nd, KLOPPING hit a triple to tie the game. Mark VONDEREMBSE and Bobby COLLINS were intentionally walked. Bill GARBER came to bat and laced a screaming liner to left to score the winning run. A big thanks to the help of the bottom 2/3 of the lineup, Quint, Dheel, Nickelsen, Spy, Smock MacNaughton and Kuschell. These ballplayers accounted for 17/25 hits and scoring 13/18 runs. Great game guys.

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Guardian Angels 11 Jeff Traudt State Farm 7
The Guardian Angels once again played a great defensive game turning 3 double plays en route to an 11-7 win over State Farm Insurance. The Angels used two big 5 run innings to take and keep the lead and held off State Farm in a well-played game. The angels were led in hitting by Joe BEHAM (2-3 with a 2b and 3b); Terry “Tbone THOMAS” 2-3 2RBI’s; Tommy DUHART 2-3 with a 2b (also a nice over the shoulder running catch in OF); “It’s Always” Sunny SALAZAR was 2-3 with a 3b (and played great MI); Dave WILLIAMS 2-2; Rick BEHAM 2-3 and team owner Tom SPY went 2-3 with 2 RBI’s.

State Farm held the Guardian Angels to one run after the fourth inning. However, State Farm could not get key hits with runners in scoring positions and only scored 7 runs. For State Farm; Javier ALMANZA was 3/3 with HR and 2 RBI and Bill WISEMAN was 3/3 with 2-2B and 3 RBI.

Frickers #10 15 – Retirement guys 7
Frickers White was led by Rick DORAN, Doug MEEK , and Mike SANDERS all had 3 hits each . The bottom half of the line-up scored 8 of the teams 15 runs and 9 hits. Great team balance and defense made the difference in this one. The game ended on a line drive double play in the 7th to end any comeback attempt.

Guardian Angels 24 Frickers #3 10
The Guardian Angels had their hitting shoes on banging out 27 hits and scoring 24 runs in a victory over Frickers #3. The Angels had 4 hits from 5 players as follows: Terry “Tbone” THOMAS; Joe BEHAM (inside park HR and 4 RBI); Dave OBERT (5 RBI); Tommy DUHART (4 RBI); and Dave WILLIAMS (4 RBI and threw runner out at 2b from his right field position). Mike BENTLY also had two hits and great defensive play at 2b.

Frickers #2 15 – Frickers# 12 8
Frickers #2 improved their record to 2-1 on the season with a 15-8 decision over Frickers 12. The navy shirted team jumped out to a 12-2 lead after 4 innings and coasted to victory with sound defense. Bob COLLINS speared a shot off the bat of Rick STAGER and was able to step on second base for the force and get his throw to first in tie to beat the runner. Charlie OBERLIN went 4-4 with a triple. Jeff WAGENHAUSER went 3-4 with an OTF home run and an inside the park homer into the right field corner. Dan KORSOG had an OTF home run as well. Replacement player Bob MILLER did the usual going 3-4 with an OTF home run and many a number of nice plays in the outfield.

Frickers #11 15 Frickers #3 14
The Maroon team scored 2 in the bottom of the 7th to come away with a hard fought win over Rob BOEHME’S outstanding Gray team. Leading the way was Eric IFFLAND, hitting for the cycle including an OTF HR in 4 ab’s. Others with nice numbers: Mark GEDERT (4-4 3R), Bud BLANKE( 3-4 3R), Mike KEATON (3-4), Dave RONAU( 2-3 HR), Mike HAMANN( 2-3 2R) and Jose MONDRAGON (2-4 2B).

Frickers #11 24 Frickers #12 23
The maroon team saw a 9 run lead disappear in the top of the 7th, but managed a run in the bottom of the frame to make it 2 for 2 on the night. These were 2 very good hitting teams trading shots all night. Leading the way: Hider HILOU( 4-4 OTF HR), Mike KEATON (4-4 2B 3R), Mark GEDERT( 4-4 3R), Mike HAMANN (3-3 3R BB), Wade TIMMING (3-4 3B game winning RBI), Chuck McMILLEN(2-3 2R), Roy WOODWORTH(2-3), Dave RONAU (2-4 2B), and Bud BLANKE (2-4 2R). Jose MONDRAGON had a monster game which included 2 OTF HR’s, 3B, 3R, and a fantastic catch on a short fly to LC. Great night guys!