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A mens' league established January 2008.
Pacesetter Park, Sylvania,Ohio

 2013 Cookout


GRILL MASTERS! Sylvania Park staff members, from left, Steve Leininger, Jordan Minor and Molly Gerkin served up hot and delicious chicken, hamburgers, brats and hotdogs to a record 217 SSS players and guests at the August 15 cookout at Pacesetter Park.

TIME TO EAT! Frickers' 1 player Jeff Szenderski is assisted by Regina Smith at the SSS annual cookout. A wide variety of hot dishes, salads, fruit, snacks and deserts awaited guests. Husband Granville Smith, not pictured, plays on the Frickers' 5 team

CHOW TIME! Frickers' Norm Cairl loads up on the carbs, before entering the homerun derby. Schneider Sons' Electric's Mike Sanders explores his options at the SSS smorgasbord. Mike was celebrating his teams win over Norm's. Ouch!

FAMILY AFFAIR! Jack Welsh plays on the Andy & Barney's team in the Tuesday league. He and his wife Betsy joined friends at the annual SSS cookout and enjoyed the special events afterwards. Note: Jack is obviously a Reds' fan!

VOLUNTEERS! Vicki Wiseman and Angie Spangler helped out at the "sign-in" table where players registered to compete in the various special events that were held following the cookout. (Not pictured; Mary Ann Radscheid, Chairperson for the 2013 cookout.)

BON APPETITE'! Susan Meyer, left, Charla Cygan and Linda Fox greeted players and guests Thursday, August 15 at the SSS annual cookout. Players and guest received ID wrist bands prior to eating. The special event served 217 people, a new attendance record.

 2013 Homerun Derby

HOMERUN DERBY! Jay Schramm, center, congratulates John Johnson, right, on winning the 2013 " Sultan of Swat" title in the 50+ category at the SSS cookout. John hit seven out. Tom Duhart, left, was runner-up with six. Fifteen players competed, using a Stadium Tour Ball, made by Evil Sports.

HOMERUN SWING! Tom Duhart connected for six homeruns, using the Evil Sports .52 cor., .600 comp. ball, to finish second in the 2013 SSS Homerun Derby at Pacesetter Park, August 15. Fifteen players, swinging for the fences, hit shot-after-shot over the 300-ft. fences. Some cleared the high netting into the skateboard area.

THE MASTER'S CONTEST! For the 60+ and the 70+ Homerun Derby, a distance of 225-ft. or better, was established to select a winner. Gary Meyer won the 60+ with eight and Jim Dunlavy, the 70+ with two. Charlie McMillen, from left, Chuck Strzesynski, Roy Woodruff and Ron Callison all competed in the event.

 2013 Special Event Competition

SPEED CHAMP! Shawn Litten, left, congratulates runner Joe Behan, who posted a blazing speed of 13.68 seconds, from the batters box, around the horn, to home plate. Phil Richard posted a speed of 14.15- good for second place. This was the first year for the race.

RECORD SPEED! Harvard Barbershop's Joe Behan flies around second base, heading for home in 13.68 seconds, to take first place in the 50+ race, held August 15, as part of the cookout's special events. Just call Joe, the "flash".

SPEED CONTEST! In the 65+ event, Gary Walton was clocked at 14.25 flying around the bases to take first place. Don Dheel finished second at 16.66. Gabe Barrow, left and Jeff Huskinson, right, officiated the event.

BEST SCORE! Pitcher Don Dheel, center, scored the highest in the 60+ pitching skill contest at the August 15 cook out party. Pitchers pitched from the mound, to a strike-mat, that was split into four sections, painted different colors. Each colored called out was good for two points. Just hit the mat, receive one point. Jim Dunlavy, left, and Neal Klopping orchestrated the contest.

PITCHING SKILLS! Jim Schneider demonstrated his veteran pitching skills, winning the 50+ contest with a total of 21-points. Jim Dunlavy, left and Neal Klopping, right, congratulate Jim on his pin-point accuracy. The mat was split into four different colors, and scoring was based on hitting the designated color chosen by Mr. Dunlavy.

SCORING in the pitching contest was judged by Jim Dunlavy. He'd call out a color, and if the pitcher was able to hit the color, he scored two points. Just hit the mat, you received one point. Don Dheel won the 60+ and Jim Schneider the 50+ pitching event.