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A mens' league established January 2008.
Pacesetter Park, Sylvania,Ohio

2014 Homerun Derby & Cookout


CHOW LINE! Tony Rutkowski, left and Mark Gant joined team mates and guests at the annaul SSS cookout. 178 people enjoyed the BBQ, followed by the homerun derby and the special events.

HOT OFF THE GRILL! Sylvania Parks staff members Brady Gullette and Mike Smith fired up the grill, serving chicken, brats, hot dogs and hamburgers to the hungry crowd at the SSS annual cookout/picnic at Pacesetter Park

FAMILY AFFAIR! Gary Walton and his wife Robin, brought Charlie, a Cockapoo, to the August 14 cookout. 178 players and guests attended the event at Pacesetter Park.

FUN TIMES! Bill Trego runs the bases with his grandchildren, Westyn, left, and Kaydance at the Sylvania Senior Softball annual cookout, Thursday, August 14.

SHARK ATTACK! Courtney Coffman, daughter of Monty, carved a shark out of a watermelon for the SSS cookout/picnic.

HOME RUN DERBY! Norm Cairl competed in the popular SSS event. The cookout drew 178 players and guests to the annual event.

KING-OF-SWAT! Bob Collins, left, congratulates John Johnson on winning the 50+ home run derby with 7 bombs, out of 12 pitches. Johnson also won the HR derby last year and leads the Legends League with 15 home runs.

AND THE WINNER IS-Jim Dandar heads home at a 14.34 clip to win the 60+ base-running race. Hot on his heels was Neal Klopping at 14.44 time.

SPEED WINNER! Joe Behan, right, accepts the winners trophy, from Jim Dunlavy, for the "race-around-the-bases" contest with a 13.88 time. Behan also won the 50+ pitching accuracy competition.

SCORING CHAMP! Don Dheel, left, accepts the winners trophy from Neal Klopping, upon winning the 58+ pitching accuracy contest at the August 14 cookout at Pacesetter Park.

RIFLE AWARD! Neal Klopping, left, and Vicki Schramm congratulate trophy winner Patrick Henry. Competing players threw from the outfield to various targets, and Henry's throws were the most accurate.

LONG BALL CHAMP! Bob Collins, left congratulates Jim Dandar on winning the 60+ homerun derby at the SSS cookout.

THROWING CONTEST! Fricker's #12 OF Dave Obert tests his arm in the "Rifle Award" accuracy contest. This contest was a new addition to the special activities held at the SSS cookout.

MULTI-TALENTED Joe Behan hits one out in the annual homerun derby. Joe also won the 50+ race and the 50+ pitching skill contests.

HOME RUN DERBY! Keith Dominiak tee's off on a pitch from Bob Ruckman, at the annual SSS cookout.jan

AWARD WINNER! Gabe Barrow, left, congratulates Jim Dandar, winner of the "race-around-the bases" contest, in the 60+ category. Dandar's time was 14.34, edging out Neal Klopping's time of 14.44 seconds.

HOME RUN DERBY! Gari Ruth, FM-Machinery outfielder, and sponsor, takes a healthy cut in the long-ball competition at the annual cookout, August 14 at Pacesetter Park.

ACCOLADES go out to the Pacesetter Ground Crew, from left, Evan Blonde, Chris Casper and Brian Hall, who maintain the ball diamonds and the award-winning park, on a daily basis.