Sylvania Senior Softball
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Sylvania Senior All-Stars
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MAY 30, May 31 & JUNE 1, 2014
Lucas County Rec Center

The Wounded Warriors
Amputee Softball Team

Our Heroes in Action!

The national Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team (WWAST), represents some of our nation’s bravest and most determined heroes, soldiers and veterans. These young extremely athletic men have sustained severe injuries resulting in amputation while serving in the military/war, and through extensive rehabilitation, they have become competitive athletes again.

Their armor now includes prosthetic legs and arms, along with extreme perseverance and attitude. Together they comprise the NATIONAL WOUNDED WARRIOR AMPUTEE SOFTBALL TEAM.

WW benefit dinner
is a huge success
Schramms and Lafebvre

photo/Joel Hansen

GALA FESTIVITIES! A crowd of 250-275, braved the frigid weather and heavy snow fall on Feb.8 to attend the Wounded Warriors spaghetti dinner fund raiser, at the Lucas County Rec Center, Maumee, Ohio. SSS President Jay Schramm, left, who is instrumental in the drive to bring the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball team to town and his wife Vicki greet WSPD's Fred Lafebvre, the events MC. The Spare Parts band provide the entertainment. The Wounded Warriors will play three exhibition softball games at Ned Skeldon Stadium on Saturday, May 31, 2014. All monies raised go toward expenses to host the team and to aid the many WW charities.

Jay Schramm and Saul Bosquez

HONORED GUEST! Jay Schramm, left, President of the SSS organization, welcomed U.S. Army veteran Saul Bosquez to the April 26 spaghetti dinner - fund raiser. Saul was injured, serving in Iraq, when a roadside bomb explosion destroyed part of his left leg. He is a member of the Wounded Warriors Softball team that travels extensively playing exhibition ball games. He hails from Adrian, MI., and will participate in the Wounded Warriors Amputee Softball game, May 30, 31 and June 1, 2014 at Ned Skeldon Recreation Center. The Wounded Warriors will play three games vs. former major leaguers, celebrities and SSS all-stars. Sponsors and volunteers who are interested in this worthy cause, can obtain additional information by contacting Mr. Schramm at 419-356-8590 or

Spanky Gibson and Jamie Farr

SIMI VALLEY, CA. - Former Toledoan Jamie Farr, right, meets with Wounded Warrior Spanky Gibson at the Reagan Library. Farr is best known as Corporal Klinger in the hit-comedy "Mash". Spanky, still serves in the Marines, despite having lost his left leg in combat.

Sylvania Senior Softball

photo/Joel Hansen

WOUNDED WARRIORS Amputee Softball Team - Back Row, L to R: Gary Weaver, Josh Wege, Bobby McCardle, Saul Bosquez, Rick Wilk, Axel Alicea, Gary LaFon. Front Row, L to R: Kyle Earl, Mike Gallardo, Lonnie Gaudet, Leonard Anderson, David Van Sleet

photo/Joel Hansen

GAME DAY! The wounded Warriors Amputee softball team is introduced at Ned Skeldon Stadium, Maumee, Ohio, May 31. 2014. The Warriors defeated the Police/Fireman team, lost to the SSS All-stars and defeated the celebrity team. A great, fun day that started with a parade thru the streets of Maumee to the stadium. Various entertainment acts performed between games. A check for over $30,000 was presented to the WW for their children camp program. Fricker's restaurants was a major sponsor of the event.

photo/Joel Hansen

WOUNDED WARRIOR GUESTS! John Worden, left, visits with Jim Henderson, Tom Timmerman Al Seeger, Tom Matchick and Gabe Barrow at the Lucas County Rec Center. Worden, Timmerman and Matchick are ex-Detroit Tigers who were on hand to support the charity event.

photo/Joel Hansen

WW GAMES! Maumee Mayor, Rich Carr, right, with Dave Van Sleet at the May 31 Wounded Warrior games at Ned Skledon Stadium. Mr. Carr was instrumental in the organization and formation of the City of Maumee parade and various procedures that led to the success of the day-long events.

Event Chairman

For additional information
Phone 419-382-6602 or

David Van Sleet CEO / General Manager
Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team, Inc. (802) 777 - 7232


Fund-raising event plugs true heroes
Toledo Blade, 5-16-14

dave-hackenbergI have always shied away from using “heroic” and affiliated words in regards to athletics because breaking four tackles en route to a touchdown or having a good at-bat that results in a game-winning hit hardly seems courageous.

But now I can, thanks to an event coming to Ned Skeldon Stadium at the Rec Center on Saturday, May 31 courtesy of the Sylvania Senior Softball Association.

Members of the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team from all over the country will be congregating here for a series of three games that day, including an opener at noon against a team of metro policemen and firefighters. Talk about a field full of heroes.

Jay Schramm, a retired Toledo police detective and president of the Sylvania softball group, said he has been working for several years to make this appearance a reality.

“The team is made up of veterans, post 9/​11, who lost a limb in combat and play with prosthetics,” Schramm said. “Their motto is that life without a limb is limitless, and they certainly prove it. We’re honored to have them here.”

The team’s missions are to raise awareness of the sacrifices and resiliency of our military and to support its annual kids camp for youngsters with amputations or missing limbs.

One of the roster members expected to participate has area ties. Saul Bosquez, who lost his left leg below the knee during Operation Iraqi Freedom, is a native of Adrian, Mich.

In addition to the game against police and firemen at noon, the Wounded Warriors will meet a combined all-star senior travel team from the Sylvania league at 3:30 p.m. and a celebrity team featuring ex-University of Toledo athletes and former Detroit Tigers, among others, at 7:05 p.m.

Entertainment and various speakers are lined up between games, and veterans will be honored throughout the day, according to Schramm.

A donation is the price of admission. These athletes are truly heroes. Be generous.

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Saul Bosquez dives for a catch

photo/Joel Hansen

WOUNDED WARRIOR player Saul Bosquez dives for a ball in a game at Ned Skeldon Stadium on May 31,2014. Saul is a former Adrian, Mich. resident and travels with the National WW team, bringing awareness to the WW charities.

Steve Cygan & Matthew Drake

photo/Joel Hansen

MAUMEE, OHIO! SSS member Steve Cygan visits with veteran Matthew Drake at the Wounded Warrior games at Ned Skeldon Stadium, May 31.

William Wilk catching

photo/Joel Hansen

WW second basemen William "Rick" Wilk fields a grounder at the May 31 games at Ned Skeldon Stadium. Rick hails from Sugar Land, TX and was a member of the US Army, Global War on terrorism. Amputation: right below knee.