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A mens' league established January 2008.
Pacesetter Park, Sylvania,Ohio

Dr. Fritz Hartkopf shows off the hardware that he won for being the "over-the-fence" home run leader in the Thursday night league. Fritz hit 13.

Neal Klopping takes and outside pitch to left for Wheelock Pharmacy.

Lenny Jones puts a charge into a pitch for league champion Frickers.

George Bates tosses a strike to Jay Schramm.

Franciscan manager Shawn Litten prepares his lineup before a recent game.

Mike Reithmiller scoops a ground ball at short for Frickers 5.

Greg Ballmer goes all out to first base while Tim Bohland tries to knock down an errant throw in a battle of Frickers 50 and over teams.

Triple Play!!! These 4 gentlemen from Schneider Electric turned in a triple-pay in a recent game. From left: Charlie McMillen, Bob Collins, Al Specht and John Yocom.

Tim Wilde keeps his head on the ball and spanks a double to right.

Fred Roberts tosses another strike in a Masters league game for Progressive Therapy.

Jim Dandar fires to first to get the out for State Farm.

Steve Higgins does a ballet move at short while Steve Cygan and Granville Smith look on in awe.

Bobby Collins fires another strike!!

Phil Richards drops the bat and heads first after ripping a drive to right.

The Hot Dot balls used in the derby.

Jeff Huskisson takes a mighty swing during the 50 and over home run derby

Phil Richard tags an inside pitch in the 50 and over home run derby.

Franciscan Life Center player Jim Johnson lifts a ball to deep left in the home run derby.

50 and over home run derby winner Norm Cairl accepts the trophy from Board President Gary Meyer. Norm hit 9 balls over the fence out of 17 swings. Also pictured is runner-up Jeff Batanian who hit 8 out with 18 swings and Board member Jay Schramm.

Roy Woodworth accepts the trophy from Board member Jerry Keefe for winning the 70 and over home run derby.

Gary Meyer presents the 65 and over home run derby trophy to Fred Roberts who beat Gary Walton in a 6 pitch tie-breaker. Fred hit all 6 out to win.

Jeff Batanian, runner-up in the 50 and over home run derby, puts a powerful swing on a pitch during the competition.

Gary Downey launches one in the 50 and over home run derby

Fred Roberts demonstrates the swing that won him the 65 and over home run derby.

Jase Sweede drops the bat and heads for second after lining a double for Allshred/Pacesetter in the Great Lakes Tournament.

Gary Meyer snags a shot up the middle for the Sylvania 65’s in the Great Lakes Tournament at Pacesetter.

Perry Chillus smacks a single to left for Allshred/Pacesetter in the Great Lakes Tournament.

John Johnson defends himself against a bad hop smash up the middle in 50’s tournament action at Pacesetter.

Allshred/Pacesetter’s pitcher Jim Johnson offers another strike in the SPA Great Lakes 50’s AAA age group action at Pacesetter.

Dave Obert rips a double to the left center field fence for Allshred/Pacesetter in 50’s AAA action in the SPA Great Lakes tournament.

Super sub Roy Woodworth makes the long throw from third to first to nip a baserunner.

John Plouffe catches a bad hop off first base for Frickers in 50 and over action.

Mike Gory delivers another hit for Franciscan.

Jeff Traudt State Farm Insurance “murderer’s row”. From left: Glen Smille, Chuck Strzeynski, Rick Doran, Fred Roberts, Perry Chillus, and Jeff Traudt.

Shawn Litten, Franciscan Life Center team manager puts good swing on an inside pitch.

Kevin Cagle snags a hard-hit ground ball at first base for Franciscan.

Dave Obert cranks out another hit for Barrows Jewelry in 50 and over action.

Jim Van Brandt fires to first to get out number three for Andy and Barneys.

Jim Dandar goes into short center from second base to grab a pop fly for Joel Hansen State Farm.

George Martinez flips to first to complete a double play for Andy and Barneys.

Kathy Ward hits the deck but still manages to get off a throw to first.

George Bates shows textbook technique fielding the pitcher’s mound.

Norm Cairl measures an incoming pitch before sending it over the fence in left field for Frickers.

Keith Dominiak fouls off a pitch in a 50 and over game for Frickers.

Ron Close scoops a ground ball and makes a put-out for Covrette Attorney.

Ron Callison rounds second and heads to third for Progressive Therapy.

Good sportsmanship always prevails. Wheelock Pharmacy gets congratulations from Andy & Barneys

Jay Schramm goes airborne to throw out George Martinez at second base.

Jim Czernakowski hits a shot up the middle for Allshred Services in 50 and over action.

Sylvania Township Chief of Police Rob Boehme goes all out to try and stop a ball up the middle.

Scott Gist fouls off a pitch that was not to his liking---and then ripped a double to left.

Willie Geiser gets into position to catch a hard hit ball to shortstop..

Rick Stager examines the damage to his BMW while hunting deer on his way to Barberton to participate in “Thee Buckeye Classic” with the 60 and over tournament team. He hit one deer on the turnpike, drove 50 miles and then hit another one on Rte 77.

Jim Schneider delivers another strike for Schneider & Sons Electric in Legends action on Thursday night.

Charlie Oberlin hauls in a long fly ball.

Duane Nemire fires to first to get an out for Frickers in Tuesday night action.

Bob Collins goes head first into third while Woody Woodrow waits for the throw.

Mike Nidek stops a hot shot to short for Frickers in Masters action.

Two Bobby Collins on the same team!!! Pictured here is the “pretty” Bobby Collins and the “old” Bobby Collins. Which one is which????

Charle McGraw delivers another strike for Franciscan Life Center.

Scott Gist turns on the jets rounding third and scoring another run for Frickers in “Legends” league action.

Charlie Strzeynski works on his swing before Thursday night action.

Dave Charlton snags a hard-hit ground ball at third base for Garcia Surveyors in “Masters” action.

Frickers’ Woody Woodrow gets the handle on a hot shot down the third base line.

John Grayczyk chases down a fly ball for the third out for Allshred.

The lovely Kayla from Frickers throws out the first pitch to open the 2012 season. I’m going to Frickers after the game!!

Fricker’s pitcher Bill Savory fires a strike.

John Grayczyk puts on the brakes at third during a Legends Division game for Allshred Services

Jeff Huskisson drives a 3-2 pitch to the centerfield fence in a recent Legends Division game for Frickers.

Everybody has a great time at Andy and Barney’s Sports Bar after Masters Division action. Pictured are from left: George Martinez, Carrie, Katie, Dave Ashman. In the back: Gary Walton.

Bobby Collins rips a base hit to left field playing for Allshred Services in the Legends Division.

George Martinez works on his swing in the on deck circle.

Norm Cairl leaps high off the ground to grab a throw at first base and save an out in 50 and over “Legends” action.

Bobby Collins and Perry Chillus discuss the highlights of their recent Legends game.

George Bates serves up a strike in a 58 and over “Masters” league game

Bob Briggs fields a hard-hit ground ball at second base for Allshred Services in 50 and over “Legends” action.

Bob Ruckman tosses a strike in 50 and over “Legends” league action.

Andy & Barney’s Sports Bar player Gary Walton spanks a pitch to left field in 58 and over action.

Harvard Barber shortstop Gary Meyer moves into position to stop a hard-hit ground ball.

Covrvette Attorney third basement Ron Close shows that there is more than one way to stop a ball at third as shortstop Mike Riethmiller looks on.

Allshred’s Willie Geiser tattoos an inside pitch and sends it over the fence on 50 and over opening day.

Progressive Therapy co-manager Ken Kreuz throws out the first pitch to open the 58 and over 2012 season.

Willie Geiser steps on second and fires to first to complete the double play for Allshred.