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Sylvania Township police chief to retire


Published on Dec. 19, 2017

For 36 years, putting criminals behind bars was part of the job for Sylvania Township police Chief Robert Boehme.


But it was always helping people — not catching bad guys — that most appealed to the longtime chief who has protected and served the township his entire career.

Now, after nearly four decades of protecting and serving the township, Chief Boehme will retire next week. His long-running service was formally recognized at a township trustee meeting Tuesday.


"Not many folks stay in one profession their entire life ,and for him to commit to this township that many years should be commended,” said Neal Mahoney, Sylvania Township trustee. “As far as the board is concerned, the chief has done an exceptional job. He will be missed."


Mr. Boehme was exposed to the life of a policeman from birth. His father, also named Robert, was a detective for the Toledo Police Department and the first chief of the modern Sylvania Township Police Department.


After receiving his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Toledo, he enrolled in UT law school. But shortly thereafter, he dropped out to follow in his father’s footsteps.


He joined Sylvania Township’s police department in 1981 while his father was still chief. After serving in the department for 30 years, Mr. Boehme became chief of the department in 2011.


Long before he was appointed to head of the department, Mr. Boehme was once a patrolman who got excited every time he heard badge number 404 called over the radio.


"When I first started and the radio called out my badge number, I remember my heart skipping a beat," he said.


A lot has changed since Mr. Boehme first joined the department as a 25-year-old. When he first joined in 1981, he drove a box-shaped Ford Crown Victoria and carried a six-shot revolver on his hip.



Now as Mr. Boehme reflects on his career, he takes pride in sustaining the legacy his father left when he led the department for 15 years.


"As chief I kind of saw it as my role to maintain the excellence of what he established, but at the same time making the department the best I could for the community," he said.


Hanging on the wall of his office is a photo of him as a baby sitting on the lap of his father, who’s wearing his Toledo Police Department uniform.


While Mr. Boehme understands that putting criminals behind bars is a critical component of his job, he said public service is most important.


“This job is catching bad guys, but it’s 95 percent helping people,” he said. “It’s a very honorable profession, but it’s a privilege. As an officer we’re put in a position to where people hold us in high esteem and where people look to us for help.”


But Mr. Boehme experienced some thrilling moments during his career that he would never forget.


During his first year as an officer, he and a fellow officer caught a thief in the middle of a house burglary with an armful of stolen items.


“It’s not often that a cop catches a burglar in a house red handed,” he said.


Despite his many accomplishments, it was Mr. Boehme’s genteel spirit that earned the respect of his peers.


“One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of Chief Boehme is what a gentleman he is to everyone,” said Lucas County Sheriff John Tharp.


“He’s so well respected. I don’t know anyone that dislikes him.”


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'This is our house'
The Huskisson Athletic Center at Steinecker Stadium celebrates opening


Published on March 15, 2017

Speaking on behalf of himself and wife Laurie, Jeff Huskisson thanked everyone for coming and celebrating the opening of "this fine facility."


Last week, several hundred people joined the school district in celebrating the opening of the Huskisson Athletic Center at Steinecker Stadium on the campus of Perrysburg Junior High School.

"Everyone involved was commendable with their efforts and generosity," he said. "I would like to sum up this whole facility with four words–this is our house. Let's give a loud cheer–this is our house."


Last week, several hundred people joined the Perrysburg School District in celebrating the opening of the Huskisson Athletic Center at Steinecker Stadium on the campus of Perrysburg Junior High School.


The $2 million facility features a weight room, three locker rooms that will house boys football, lacrosse and soccer along with girls soccer and lacrosse, a coaches room, officials locker room, trainers room, concessions and storage.


Superintendent Tom Hosler welcoming the donors and guests said, "This building represents what can happen when private citizens work hand-inhand with the board and community to improve our schools. When that happens, our community and our students win."


He told the crowd that it was a decade ago that then athletic director Ray Pohlman shared his idea of a locker room facility.


"Now, almost 10 years later we are standing in this wonderful facility–far greater than what even Ray had envisioned back then."


The superintendent recognized key donors who helped make the dream of a locker room facility a reality– Mr. and Mrs. Huskisson, Ray and Shannon Frick, Mercy Health Toledo, Perrysburg Athletic Boosters, Marco's Pizza, Dr. Trent Hire and Second Street Dental.


"And more than 150 names of our friends found on the donor wall," he added. "We also were fortunate to have Perrysburg youth athletic clubs contribute including Big Gold, Perrysburg Youth Lacrosse, Perrysburg Soccer Club and Greater Toledo Futboll Club.


"All total, we have received more than $1.5 million in gifts and pledges. These gifts come from alumni, parents, community members, businesses, staff members, grandparents, former coaches, fans and more."


Describing the opening of the new facility, Mr. Pohlman said, "It is much like awaiting that package wrapped under the Christmas tree with your name on it. The anticipation for the completion of this facility has had the same excitement and expectation."


Perrysburg is a wonderful place, a destination community, he told the crowd, adding that Jacket pride is everywhere in the community.


"The pride is most noticeable in the Perrysburg Schools where we find our greatest asset and that is our children," said the retired athletic director, who now serves on the board of education. "Athletics is an integral part of any school experience for the students and the entire community. This new facility will enhance our student-athletes' experience.


"Academics are first and foremost at Perrysburg but we know that athletics contribute to academic success as well as developing character and teach life-long lessons. By providing the best facilities that we can, we will better equip Perrysburg student athletes with the tools they need to succeed on the field, in the classroom and in life. That is the Jacket Way.




"To build this facility, it took commitment, perseverance and financial support by many people. The vision is complete. The winners in all of this are our student athletes and that is why we do what we do in Perrysburg. It is the Jacket Way.

"To all of you, I want to say thank you and may God bless each and every one of you."


Head Football Coach Matt Kregel said, "This is the most beautiful facility for athletics that you could possibly have."


"We have the best teachers, the best educational system, the best parents and the best community, so I expect to do great things here–we are going to use this facility everyday," said Coach Kregel. "We are thankful to all the donors and everybody who has put time and effort leading up to this time.


"Everyone has been asking me if I am ready. I have been ready since last August. I don't know if I will be able to sleep tonight. Tomorrow is going to be one of the greatest days I've had since I have been in Perrysburg because we are going to be ready to go in here. Go Jackets."


Perrysburg Board of Education President Jarman Davis said the collaboration on this project is a perfect example of the district's mission–"to ensure every student achieves their greatest potential."


"This building is much more than a locker room or a concession stand or weight room or even an athletic center. This is another wonderful example how public and private partnership can enhance the student educational experience in the entire Perrysburg community," he said. "The students, athletes, bands, visiting teams, as well as the entire community come together at places like this to make Perrysburg better. It shows leadership and the special support that we have for the community. Frankly, it is what we always talk about in the district– it is the Jacket Way."


In concluding, Superintendent Hosler recognized Mr. and Mrs. Huskisson for their support of the new facility.


"Ladies and gentlemen, as you entered ‘Jacket Country' today, you drove down Pohlman Way. You parked and immediately saw the legendary Steinecker Stadium standing proudly in the distance. Walking into the stadium you noticed the green ‘Widdel Field' calling to the Jackets to take the field. And now, as if standing guard is the Huskisson Athletic Center.


"Jeff and Laurie, your name will now forever be linked to Perrysburg Schools and the Jacket Nation. Let's pause for a moment and listen… can you hear it? Post game celebrations, halftime speeches that will rally teams to victory, the sounds of weights clanging and the smell–well the smell of victory will cement the Huskissons' name in Perrysburg lore for generations to come.


"This facility will serve as a standing legacy to Jeff and Laurie's commitment to this community and the student- athletes of Perrysburg Schools. I am told, the path leading to this moment began with a simple conversation under the tent at a home football game when Jeff said, ‘I was thinking…' Thank you, Jeff and Laurie."