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A mens' league established January 2008.
Pacesetter Park, Sylvania,Ohio

Frickers white shortstop Jose Mondragon goes to a knee and flips to second for the force out.

Schneider Electric pitcher Jim Schneider shows his technique.

Third baseman Glen Smillie tries to knock down a shot down the line.

Dave Kunst loses track of a fly ball in right center.

Jeff Gorney puts a late tag on a sliding Gary Beale in tournament semi-final action.

Frickers slugger Randy Bores smashes a single in the 50’s tournament.

Jim Dunlavy smacks a single to center for Jeff Traudt State Farm.

Frickers shortstop Glen Miller fields a shot and prepares to throw to first.

Dale Knepper knocks down a shot down the first base line for Andy and Barneys Sports Bar.

Ron Fox drives a ball to left field for Progressive Therapy.

Ron Callison makes a play at short during 58 and over action

Freedom Machinery second-baseman Tony Rutkowski stops a ground ball.

Photo by Steve Higgins: John Buehler comes up throwing for the Maumee Bay Raptors.

Photo by Steve Higgins: Granville Smith is ready to chase down another fly ball for the Maumee Bay Raptors.

Photo by Steve Higgins: The Maumee Raptor bench during the S.P.A. tournament at Pacesetter.

Photo by Steve Higgins: Dave Kunst takes a mighty swing and drives the ball to left center for a base hit in S.P.A. National action.

Photo by Steve Higgins: Jim Nickelsen stands at the ready during S.P.A. Great Lakes Nationals action at Pacesetter.

Photo by Steve Higgins: Leadoff hitter extraordinaire Neal Klopping prepares for S.P.A. Great Lakes Nationals action at Pacesetter.

Tom Duhart extends his arms to drive a ball to deep left. run.

Shawn’s Irish Tavern’s Jim Dandar fires to first to get the runner.

Allshred/Pacesetter shortstop John Johnson smacks a single up the middle in the Great Lakes Tournament at Pacesetter

Allshred/Pacesetter third baseman Steve Higgins snags a hot shot during the Great Lakes Tournament

Progressive Therapy’s Jim Fedor knocks down a shot to the outfield

Softball Players Association tournament director Larry Milliron and Pacesetter’s Jake Hensel discuss details of the Great Lakes National Senior Tournament.

Joe Beham goes high against the fence in left to try to stop a home run.

Bob Miller drives a 3-2 pitch over the fence in left center.

Rick Obert tags Nate Freeman out after a run-down between first and second.

Ric Beauch waits on a pitch and then drives it to right center for Jeff Traudt State Farm.

Rick Obert hauls in a pop up at short for Frickers.

Marty Harrison delivers a strike in 50 and over action.

Barrows shortstop and coach Jay Schramm hits the deck to stop a smash up the middle.

Slugger Ed Blankenship discards his bat and heads for first.

Tim Wilde goes deep in the hole at short to throw out a runner.

Former Sylvania Senior Softball star Ken Kreuz returned to watch Allshred’s Willie Geiser win another game.

Allshred’s John Buehler rips a single to center to drive in 2 runs.

Barrows Jewelers pitcher Dave Korn offers up a strike.

Shawn’s Irish Tavern star Dave Charlton measures the situation before stepping into the batter’s box.

Progressive Therapy’s Dave Brownfield slides safe into third under Roy Woodworth’s tag.

Dale Chase drives a ball to right field.

Gary Walton races in from left to spear a low line drive.

Craig Mantey grabs a fly ball in left center for Frickers.

SSSA board member Neal Klopping conducts the “pool” to provide subs for teams that need them.

Allshred Services John Yocom takes a healthy cut at a pitch in the Thursday Legends League game.

State Farm’s Greg Balmer turns on the speed going from second to third.

Bill Wiseman fires a strike for Progressive Therapy in 58 and over action.

John Radscheid races in to snag a line drive to left center.

Gilbert Amaya waits his turn at the plate.

Bill Baldwin takes an inside pitch

Tim Kuszmaul hustles to beat the throw as State Farm first baseman Mike Nidek stretches.

Shawns Irish Tavern star Jim Dandar looks to the heavens for help as he approaches the plate.

Joel Hansen State Farm player Charlie McMillen smacks a single.

Gary Ruth, Don Dheel and Kent Lincoln prepare for a 58 and over game.

Sonny Salazar get ready to apply the tag to Rick Stager at second base.

John Yocom shares some coaching strategy with a teammate

Progressive Therapy’s Mike Reithmiller loads up the power swing.

Wheelock Pharmacy’s John Johnson grabs a hot ground ball at short.

State Farm pitcher Al Seeger fires a strike.

Orlando Lloyd, Bobby Collins grandson, Carmen Collins, Bobby’s wife and Jamie Lloyd, Bobby’s daughter help Sylvania Senior Softball open the 2013 season.

Jon Labeau smacks a hit to left field for Schneider Electric.

Ron Fox serves up a hit to left field.

Kathy Ward smacks a base hit for Fricker

Randy McGraw fires a strike for St. Clair Commons in 50 and over action.

Gilbert Amaya knocks down a sharp ground ball up the middle.

Chuck Streszynski extends his arms to pull a ball down the third base line.

League rookie Sonny Salazar spanks a double to left field.

Allshred Services middle infielder Ken Bohenkamp scoops a ground ball to start a double play.

Sylvania Senior Softball players line up to watch first-pitch ceremonies on opening day. Former player Bobby Collins’ grandson, Orlando, threw out the first pitch. Orlando was wearing Bobby’s jersey from last year.

George Bates fires a strike for Allshred Services in Thursday night action.

John Buehler drives a pitch to right center for Allshred Services.

Rick Stager arrives at second before the tag by Gilbert Amaya in 50 and over action

Former Sylvania Senior Softball all-star Bobby Collins’ grandson Orlando gets ready to throw out the first pitch on opening night.

Bobby Collins’ grandson Orlando throws out the first pitch to Perry Chillus as league President Gary Meyer looks on.