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A mens' league established January 2008.
Pacesetter Park, Sylvania,Ohio

GOLD MEDAL WINNERS! John Buehler, left, and Bobbie Collins congratulate each other on winning gold medals at St. George, Utah in their individual classified divisions at the World Huntsmen games in Sept. 2012. John played for the Anchorage Glacier Kings out of Anchorage, Alaska. Bobbie played with the Detroit '65 Masters team in the "C" bracket. ( Note: Bobbie passed away on Feb. 3, 2013.)

Jim Dandar and Mark Vonderembse party at Frickers during SSSA appreciation night.

Kevin Koepfer, Rick Stager, Neal Klopping and Mike Sanders check out the SSSA sweatshirts they won for winning the Fall League championship. The shirts wer donated by Freedom Machinery and Gary Ruth.

Shawn McGill, Frickers manager, Kayla and Jeff Huskisson pose at the Frickers SSSA Appreciation night in December.

Dale Knepper and his wife Karen explore the dugout at Fifth Third Field during Fan Day when Dale got to hit and field. The field was almost as good as Pacesetter.

.300 GAME! Gary Walton, left, congratulats his son, Keith Maly on his first .300 game! Tim Alexander and Jerry Keefe cheered him on as he rolled a 715 3-game series on 9/24/12 at Jug's Bowlling Lanes. The team is sponsored by Joel Hansen State Farm Insurance. Keith receives a "300" ring from USBC for his perfect game.

Rick Schmidt, Roy Koschalk, Randy Bores and Mike Gory show that they are not just great softball players but also great golfers in the annual SSSA scrambles at Valleywood.

Bill Wiseman pitches up close to the hole on the first green at Valleywood in the SSA golf outing.

Mark Schmenk, Ken Schmenk, Mike “Coco” Welsh and Jim Dunlavy competing in the SSSA golf outing.

Bill Wiseman rolls a putt as teammate Lenny Jones looks on while competing in the SSSA annual golf outing at Valleywood.

SSSA Annual Golf Outing Winners!!!! The winning foursome of Cary Weaver, Phil Richard, Gary Meyer and Gabe Barrow turned in the lowest team score and won gift cards donated by Joel Hansen State Farm. Gary Meyer also won the golf bag in the picture for the longest drive donated by Jeff Huskisson.

Lenny Jones, Bill Wiseman, Roger Heineke and Tony Rutkowski discuss strategy at the SSSA annual golf outing at Valleywood .

Second place team in the annual golf outing: Jerry Johnson, John Whalen, Jim Johnson, Joe Jeffords.

Gary Meyer sends a 5 iron towards the 16th green at Valleywood as Gabe Barrow looks on.

Paul Pierce, Neal Klopping and George Bates take in the 50 and over tournament championship game.

Members of Frickers 5 celebrate winning the 50 and over regular season trophy. Where is the best place to celebrate??? Frickers of course!!!!!!!

Bill and Deb Trego show the Masters tournament championship trophy to their granddaughter.

Jim Johnson and friend Cynthia enjoy post-game activities at Frickers.

Michael, Timothy and Cheryl Grayczyk did not miss a game that John Grayczyk played in this year for Allshred.

Jay Schramm’s granddaughter Heaven enjoys an ice cream while watching a tournament game.

Jeff Traudt State Farm players Brian and Ray take time to sample the excellent food at the post-game picnic.

Deb Bohland makes sure the food is ready and that order is maintained for the picnic. Many thanks to Deb and all who helped.

Nancy Yocom and Vickie Schramm work the wristband table at the picnic. Thanks to all the wives and friends that helped out.

Gary Coon and his granddaughter MacKenzie (11 months) load up at the SSA picnic.

John Specht, Scott Gist and Bob Collins at the picnic.

Ballplayers and guests line up to enjoy the annual SSSA picnic.

The Mississauga Legends win the 70 plus SPA Great Lakes Nationals championship at Pacesetter.

James Carey and Harvey Hewgill accept the championship trophy for the Legends in the 70 and over age group.

Sylvania Senior Softballers help Gabe & Jackie Barrow celebrate Gabe’s birthday.

Jeff Huskisson talks OSU football with his good friend 2-time Heisman Trophy winner Archie Griffin for the OSU/MSU game.

Gary and Susan Meyer wish Ken Kreuz luck as he prepares to go to China for acupuncture treatments.

Sue and Ken Kreuz say goodbye to friends and family. They head to China for 3 months so Ken can take acupuncture treatments to help rehabilitation from his stroke last year.

Joel Hansen congratulates Lulu at the baby shower.

Lulu and Lynne from Andy and Barney’s dig into the cake at Lulu’s baby shower.

Jay Schramm and his granddaughter Heaven enjoy some of LuLu’s cake at Andy and Barneys.

Jerry Keefe, Neal Klopping and Joe Stechschulte present Lulu at Andy & Barneys with a cake and gift cards celebrating the soon-to-be-born baby. Lulu makes Andy and Barney’s a great place to go after the game.

Tony Rutkowski shows off his winning form to Eric Hartkopf at Roger Heineke’s pool party.

Don Heilman enjoys the conversation at the 58 and over party.

Deb Gensler and Ray Villegas take a break from the heat at Roger Heineke’s party.

Gary Schweer tosses a bag in a heated cornhole game at Roger Heineke’s party.

Bill Wiseman shows off his football skills while cooling off in Roger Heineke’s pool.

Roger Heineke and Tony Rutkowski find a way to cool off in the 100 degree heat at Roger’s 58 and over party.

Dave Ashman shows off his 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air at Roger Heineke’s 58 and over league party.

The newly restored interior of Dave Ashman’s 57 Chevy looks great!!!!

Rick and Shonna Doran enjoy discussing the game highlights at Frickers.

PLAY BALL! No strike outs, only hits when Frickers' Jessica, Jessalena and Kayla cheer the Frickers' teams to a victory on Thursday nights. And after the game - everyone's a winner when they join their teammates at the pub for a fun time!

THE BIG 3! Marty Harrison, Phil Richard and Gary Beale talk strategy for the next day's tournament play at " Thee Buckeye Classic" in Barberton.

THE GOOD TIMES! Vickie and Jay Schramm relax after first round games at "Thee Buckeye Classic" in Barberton, Ohio.

Joe Stechschulte settles his tab with LuLu at Andy and Barney’s.

CHINA- SSS member, Mark Vonderembse was invited by the Beihang University in Beijang, China to guest lecture on Supply Chain Management to undergraduate and graduate students. The Beihang University paid for his travel as well as provided an honorarium. Mark is employed at the University of Toledo.

Webmaster Samantha Harrison and Sheena Kadi getting ready to kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle after driving on the opposite side of the road and car in Cork, Ireland. For the week trip they also visited Stonehenge in London and the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Barb and Al Specht make Frickers their first stop after Thursday’s action.

George Martinez and Vickie are enjoying a post-game celebration at Andy and Barney’s Sports Bar.

Katie and Lulu keep the drinks and food coming for all the softballers on Tuesday night.

Bill and Vickie Wiseman at Andy and Barney’s

Ray and Lori Kelbe celebrate another Jeff Traudt State Farm victory at Frickers.

Jim and Mary Schneider enjoy the food and fun at Frickers.

Fred Roberts places his food order with a member of the wait staff at Frickers in Dayton. Fred was taking a break from Maumee Raptor tournament action.

Joel Hansen gets acquainted with the girls at Frickers in Dayton at the beach party

Players from the 60 and over tournament team attend the beach party at Frickers in Dayton. From left: Mark Vonderembse, John Buehler, Rick Stager, Fred Roberts, Steve Mattin, Joel Hansen. When is Frickers in Sylvania going to have their beach party??

Frickers Sylvania! Abby serves up some great food to senior players after opening night action.

Frickers welcomed senior softball players on opening night!!

Keith Dominiak and Tina enjoy the food and beverages at Frickers after the game.

Joel Hansen of Jeff Traudt’s State Farm Insurance team talks softball with the Frickers girls who were on hand for opening night festivities. Here’s 2 more great reasons to go to Frickers after the game.

State Farm’s Bill Baldwin, Jim Dandar and Tony Rutkowski put on their rally caps as they try to pull off a 7th inning comeback.

Ken Kreuz and Gary Beale discuss strategy on 2012 opening night.

Members of the Allshred Services 50+ league championship get their hard-earned championship jackets at the celebration at Frickers. Members in attendance were from left: Joel Hansen, Jeff Huskisson, Mike Betley, Mark Grimes, Dr Kris Brickman, Mike Raush, Coach Jerry Keefe, Willie Geiser (sponsor), Phil Richards. Jackes were courtesy of Best at Home Healthcare Services, Integrated Financial Resources, and Express Office Products.

Many members of the Allshred/Pacesetter Property Management 50 plus team that won the SPA Nationals at Pacesetter Park in Sylvania this year receive their championship jackets at the championship celebration at Frickers. Pictured from left is: Marty Harrison, Willie Geiser, Gary Beale, Jay Schramm-coach, Gabe Barrow, Jeff Huskisson, Dave Obert, Rick Hendee, Rob Boehme, John Yocom, Neal Klopping.

COMBAT READY! Semi-pro softball player Heather Post, center, shows the new Combat Centenarian bat, designed exclusively for Senior softball players, to Tony Rutkowski, left, and Jerry Keefe, at Pacesetter Park. Heather is a rep for the company and plays for the Team Combat girls tournament team. For additional information: 419-944-9650.

Team members of Progressive Physical Therapy, coached by Steve Cygan, show off their new jackets which they received for winning the 58 and over league championship in 2011. From left, Coach Steve Cygan, Dale Chase, Mike Nidek, Steve Weiner, Roy Koschalk, and Jim Rohm. Andy and Barney’s Sport Bar was the scene for the celebration. The jackets were provided by Wheelock Pharmacy (Steve Weiner) and Sautter's Food Center, and Kramer Insurance (Lee Kramer).

Jay Schramm and Neal Klopping of the SSSA Board present Steve Grady, Frickers manager with the tournament championship trophy for the 50 and over league.

OUTSTANDING! Steve Smith, 2nd from the left, bowled two .300 games back-to-back at Jugs on Jan 16. He's congratulated by Gary Walton, left, Jerry Keefe and George Martinez. The team is sponsored by Joel Hansen, State Farm Insurance.


MUD HENS FANS! SSS member Bruce Anderson, Sue and Ken Kreuz, and Rob Robisnon attended the Toledo Mud Hens and Detroit Tiger exhibition game at Fifth Third Field.

FANTASY CAMP! Allshred Services Willie Geiser attended the Jan. 2012 Cleveland Indians baseball pro/am camp, held in Phoenix, Arizona.L to R former Indian greats Gary Bell, Mike Hargrove, Willie and Corey Snyder. Willie's team Allshred Services won the 2011 SSS Thursday night League at Pacesetter.

FRICKERS IN ROME! SSS members Marty Czerniakowski, Jim Dunlavy, Dennis Telmanik and Ric Stager are at the entrance to the Coliseum in Rome, Italy. The group took a cruise on the Epic that began in Barcelona, Spain to Florence, Rome and on to Majorca, Spain. The cruise was arranged by Telmanik Travel.

SEASON OPENS TUESDAY, MAY 15! John Yocom, SSS Treasurer presented Rob Conover, Sylvania Recreation Program Director with a check to cover the entry fee costs for 18 teams. The Senior League will have 11-teams playing at Pacesetter Park on Thursdays and 7-teams on Tuesday. Seventy-four SSS players attended the Organizational Meeting, April 5 at the Senior Center.

IQUITOS, PERU- Dennis Telmanik, of Telmanik Travel visited Peru for a travel seminar. His curiosity led to an exploratory trek into the Amazon, just West of Iquitos, where he was captured by Chief Liboria and his two daughters. He traded his Frickers T-shirt for his freedom. Sadly, Dennis will not be playing in the Sylvania League this year. He's now living in South Carolina. He played last year on Allshred Services.

The Phillies, winner of the fall league championship, receive their t-shirts from Jeff Batanian of Batanian Tree Service. From left, Woody Woodrow, Dave Obert, Roy Woodworth, Jeff Batanian, Jim Schneider, Coach John Yocom. If you need tree service call Jeff Batanian at Batanian Tree Service.