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A mens' league established January 2008.
Pacesetter Park, Sylvania,Ohio

KING OF SWAT! Al Seeger, left, presents John Johnson with the 2014 homerun trophy. John hit 18-home-runs and batted .715 in the Thursday Legends League. He hit 8-home-runs, and walked twenty times in the Tuesday Masters League.

HOT SHOT! Slick-fielding shortstop, Jase Sweede scoops up a grounder to throw the runner out for Fricker's #11, in Thursday night league play.

THE VICTORS! Marty Harrison, center, Fricker's #3 manager, joins his team mates, as they host the winners trophy - having just defeated Roosters, 21-19 in the finals to win the tournament championship.

HOME-RUN SWING! Fricker's #12's first baseman Dan Korcsog drives the ball for a home-run in Thursday night league play. Dan hit eight home-runs, with a .696 BA in his debut season.

ONE OF THE BEST! Marty Harrison delivers for his Fricker's #3 team, time-after-time, as they rally to win the Legends tournament, defeating the Roosters 21-19 in the finals.

FRICKER'S Jim Burnor lines a hit to left in the Great Lakes SPA Tournament at Pacesetter Park, July 31. Burnor has played in the SSS league since 2008 and is a member of the '70's traveling team.

NICE GAME, TOUGH LOSS for Fricker's #2 club, as they drop a 20-19 "thriller" to Fricker's #3 in the tournament semi-finals. Carey Weaver, right, leads his team mates; congratulating Marty Harrison's team on their victory. Fricker's #3 went on to defeat Roosters in the finals 21-19.

FRICKER'S #2 outfielder Phil Richard charges a line-drive for the put-out in the Thursday night Legends tournament semi-finals.

FRICKER'S #2 third baseman Ron Jones back-hands a shot in the tournament semi-finals against Fricker's #3. The #3 team won 20-19, to advance to the finals, defeating Roosters 21-19.

FRICKER'S #3 outfielder, Fritz Hartkoph connects for a two run homer, in a 20-19 win over Fricker's #2 in the Legends semi-finals. Fricker's #3 then defeated Roosters 21-19 in the championship game.

FRICKER'S #3 right fielder Granville Smith, charges a ball for the put-out in the Legends tournament finals at Pacesetter. Fricker's #3 defeated Roosters 21-19 to claim the trophy and win T-shirts.

HONORED! Jay Schramm, SSS President thanks Everett "T" Bartlett, Pacesetter Park Field Supervisor for his "extra-effort" contribution to the Senior League activities. "T" is a senior at Lourdes College, majoring in Education. He has been a member of the park's staff for six years.

SHORTSTOP Rick Beham leaps up to snag a ball in the Legends tournament. This was Rick's first year in the league, playing for Fricker's #12 team. Beham, a Roy Hobbs league veteran, was drafted by his brother Joe.

ALLSHRED'S Rob Boehme makes the hard plays at third base look easy, as he moves in to scoop up a shot.

ALLSHRED'S shortstop Tim Wilde scoops up the ball in Legends tournament play. Wilde is also a member of the Maumee Bay Raptors traveling team

DEPENDABLE outfielder Craig Mantey runs down a fly ball for St. Claire Commons team, in tournament play at Pacesetter.

RBI MACHINE! John Brubaker swings a hot bat for Fricker's #2 team, as they advance to the final four in the Legends tournament.

ALLSHRED SERVICES Woody Woodrow is all business, as drives a ball to left for a hit. Allshred Services made it to the top four in the Legends tournament.

ROOSTERS WIN! The Roosters, A Men's Grooming Center, won the Legends League playoff game, defeating Fricker's #3. Javier Almanza, left, Jose Mondragon and Hider Hillau celebrate the victory.

ROOSTERS CELEBRATE! Hosting the Legends League trophy, the Roosters players celebrate winning the Championship playoff game. The Roosters defeated Fricker's #3 15-8, ending the season with a 14-3 record. Now on to tournament play.

NICE CATCH! Fricker's #12's right fielder Terry Thomas races to his right to make a catch. Fricker's #12 defeated Frickers #2 in the Legends seeding round, 16-15.

YOU'RE OUT! Third baseman John Johnson tags out Dave Kunst in Thursday's Legends League play-off action.

AWESOME! Fricker's #2's left fielder Rick Doran takes a healthy cut. Fricker's #2 dropped a close game, 16-15 to Fricker's #12 in Legends Thursday night seeding play.

KING-OF-SWAT! Bob Collins, left, congratulates John Johnson on winning the 50+ home run derby with 7 bombs, out of 12 pitches. Johnson also won the HR derby last year and leads the Legends League with 15 home runs.

AND THE WINNER IS-Jim Dandar heads home at a 14.34 clip to win the 60+ base-running race. Hot on his heels was Neal Klopping at 14.44 time.

SPEED WINNER! Joe Behan, right, accepts the winners trophy, from Jim Dunlavy, for the "race-around-the-bases" contest with a 13.88 time. Behan also won the 50+ pitching accuracy competition.

SCORING CHAMP! Don Dheel, left, accepts the winners trophy from Neal Klopping, upon winning the 58+ pitching accuracy contest at the August 14 cookout at Pacesetter Park.

RIFLE AWARD! Neal Klopping, left, and Vicki Schramm congratulate trophy winner Patrick Henry. Competing players threw from the outfield to various targets, and Henry's throws were the most accurate.

HOME RUN DERBY! Norm Cairl competed in the popular SSS event. The cookout drew 178 players and guests to the annual event.

SPA DIRECTORS! The SPA Great Lakes National Senior Softball Tournament was held July 31-August 3 at Pacesetter Park, Sylvania, Ohio. Over 41 teams competed in the 4-day event. Jerry Keefe, left, Tournament Director, Jake Hensel, Sylvania Parks & Rec. Program Director and Larry Milliron, SPA Regional Director supervised the events.

SPA AWARDS! The Fricker's/SSS '70's AA team was runner-up in the SPA NIT finals, August 2 at Pacesetter Park. Don Lange, left, made the All-Tournament Team, Doug Dillard, MVP, Bruce Anderson, player/coach with the the team trophy and Dave Shumway, All Tournament Team member.

RAPTORS RUNNERS-UP! The Maumee Raptors, '60's AAA team finished second in the SPA NIT, July 31, August 1-3 at Pacesetter Park. Raptors SS Tim Wilde T's off on a pitch, for a hit.

SPA ACTION! Allshred Services OF Perry Chillus charges a ball in the SPA Great Lakes Tournament at Pacesetter Park. Allshred competed in the '55's AAA division.

GREAT CATCH! Rick Hendee races to his left to snag a ball at Pacesetter Park, in SPA NIT play. The Allshred OF did double-duty: he also played for the Raptors, a '60's team.

THE EAGLE SOARS! Sylvania Eagles SS Patrick Henry goes deep in the hole for a grounder in SPA NIT action at Pacesetter Park, July 31, August 1-3. MVP Henry lead his team with a .650 BA and two HR's. Forty-one teams competed in the annual event.

HITTERS' GAME! Bill Bray takes a healthy cut in league play at Pacesetter Park. Bill plays for the Glass City Investigations team on Tuesday nights.

THE HOT CORNER! Schneider Sons' third baseman, Jeff Batanian goes down on one knee to scoop up a shot in Legends league play

LEGENDS LEAGUE ACTION! Jeff Traudt's ace Keith Dominiak takes the mound for the State Farm team on Thursday nights. Keith is also a real threat as a hitter, blasting tape-measure homeruns.

SCOREKEEPER SUPREME! When John Radscheid takes the field, you can be sure his favorite scorekeeper is close by. Mary Ann Radscheid is a fixture at Pacesetter on game nights, and has been since the inception of the league. For years, Mary Ann served as the Cookout Chairwoman for the SSS annual league event.

LEAGUE PLAY! Ace pitcher Ron Fox, baffles the hitters and fields the middle with the best-of-the-best. Ron plays in the Tuesday and Thursday league.

HARVARD'S George Martinez takes a healthy cut, in the Tuesday night, Masters League action at Pacesetter

SHAWN'S JIm Dandar is picture perfect, driving the ball to left, in Tuesday night Masters League play at Pacesetter. Jim is the manager for the Shawn's Irish Tavern team.

HARVARD'S Dave Ashman carries a big stick, that demands respect when he steps to the plate. Dave plays outfield for the Barbershop team that plays on Tuesday nights in the Masters League.

BARROW'S JEWELERS Bill Garber takes a healthy cut, driving a shot to left in Thursday play at Pacesetter. Bill also plays for Andy & Barney's Sports Bar on Tuesday nights in the Masters League.

FRICKER'S Mark Clair comes up throwing in Thursday night play at Pacesetter Park. Mark's company, The Retirement Guys competes in the Tuesday Masters League..

WW GAMES! Ray Frick, left, Fricker's owner, joins Jeff Huskisson at Ned Skeldon Stadium, May 31. Fricker's was a major sponsor of the Wounded Warriors event. The SSS All-star team defeated the Warriors 15-7.

MASTERS' LEAGUE ACTION! Shortstop Mike Nidek moves to his right to scoop up a grounder for the Retirement Guys team on Tuesday night at Pacesetter.

SHAWN'S IRISH TAVEN'S Jim Dandar scoops a shot in the Master's League play on Tuesday night.

FM MACHINERY'S SS Steve Mattin goes down for a grounder in the Tuesday night Masters' League play.

MASTER'S LEAGUE- John Yocom, Harvard Barbershop, is all business as he checks out the defense Tuesday night at Pacesetter Park.

TUESDAY NIGHT ACTION! Glass City Investigations OF Neal Klopping takes aim on a delivery by Harvard's Bob Miller.

HIT THIS! Pitcher Fred Leonard bears down for his Glass City Investigations team in the Tuesday Master's League.

SSS ALL-STAR Gary Beale makes a fine running, diving catch at Pacesetter in Tuesday night League play. No one does it better!

VETERANS Jim Langenderfer and Jim Burnor, Glass City Investigations team mates gear up for another season in the Master's League.

WELCOME BACK! Honored guest, Ken Kreuz, who threw out the first pitch on opening night, is greeted by Craig Mantey and friends. Ken was one of the first players to join the SSS league in 2008. He played in both leagues, plus was a member of the traveling teams.

OPENING NIGHT CEREMONIES! Ken Kreuz, retired SSS all-star, threw out the first pitch, May 22 at the Legends League opener. Jay Schramm, right, SSS President and team sponsor Mark Clair (The Retirement Guys), presented Ken with a game ball and a Wounded Warrior t-shirt. The festivities also included Fricker's Sports Bar spokesman, Jeff Huskisson, presenting every player in the league with a card for a free chicken wings dinner.

SAFE! Schneider Electric's Dave Ronau slides into second, as SS Jay Schramm waits for the throw.

FRICKER'S shortstop, Marty Harrison scoops up a shot and throws the runner out at first, in the team's opening game at Pacesetter Park.

FRICKER'S Rick Hendee connects on opening night, May 22 at Pacesetter Park. Twelve teams are competing this year in the Legends League on Thursday nights.