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A mens' league established January 2008.
Pacesetter Park, Sylvania,Ohio

Members of the Allshred Services 50 and over tournament championship team meet at Frickers to get their jackets. From left: Jerry Keefe, Neal Klopping, Willie Geiser, Randy Rydman, Larry Harris, Steve Cygan, Bob Collins.

Members of the Joel Hansen State Farm Insurance 58 and over tournament championship team meet at The Sports Venue to get their jackets. From left: Rich McNutt, Larry Harris, Coach Jeff Lydy, Sports Venue owner Tony Mitsopoulos, John Radscheid, Gary Newnham, Dale Knepper and sponsor Joel Hansen.

Bruce Anderson leaps 1.5 inches off the ground to try to snag a liner off a State Farm bat in the 58 and over finals.

Dave "Harpo" Cohen and Tom "Father Tom" Sarra share a laugh with Jenna at the Sports Venue.

Opposing pitchers had to face the "evil eyes" of Ken Schmenk when playing Frickers Red. Over-the-fence home runs are Ken's specialty.

John Radscheid belts a shot to the left field wall in the 58 and over tourney final.

Charley Oberlin puts a charge into a pitch during the tournament championship game.

Jim Dunlavy, Don Heilman, Rich McNutt and Larry Harris show off the tournament championship trophy to Tony at the Sports Venue. Joel Hansen State Farm won 17-14.

Dennis Telmanik accepts congratulations after driving a ball over the center field fence in a tournament game for Barrows Jewelers.

Jessica Casper and Kristin Jurek keep the Pacesetter snack bar operating at peak efficiency.

George Martinez gets another hit for Fricker's Rust.

The Sylvania Senior Softball Association golf outing at Valleywood was won by Ken Kreuz with a 79 and followed by Larry Harris with a 80.Ken Schmenk had a 83, Joel Hansen 88 and Kent Lincoln 89 to round out the top 5.

Dennis Telmanik lines up a putt in the Sylvania Senior Softball Association golf outing.

John Buehler smacks a double to center field.

The 2009 King of Swat----Charley Oberlin won the home-run derby in they 58 and over age group and then showed the youngsters by also winning the 50 and over age group. Charley hit 7 over the fence with 24 swings.

The team motto for Allshred Services.

Jay Schramm unleashes a mighty blast in the home run derby-----just short of clearing the fence.

Coach Jeff Lydy congratulates his Joel Hansen-State Farm Insurance team after another hard-fought win.

The Sports Venue on Sylvania Ave. is a great place to stop after the game. Here is from left Dave Zaruca, Colleen, Dwayne Hopper, Tiffany Torres, Debbie and Tony Mitsopoulos.

Joel Hansen seems confused about which club to use. He'll have it figured out by Sunday August 30 for the Sylvania Senior Softball Golf Outing at Valleywood Country Club in Swanton. First tee time is 11 am and the cost is $25.00 per golfer. Please contact Dennis Telmanik at telmaniktravel@yahoo.com to secure your place or foursome.

Jay Schramm and Roy Koschalk help Mark Vonderembse get to his car after a hard fought game.

Joseph Wittenberg, Attorney is led by the hitting and fielding of Dr. Fritz Hartkopf.

Bob Collins, third baseman for Allshred Services, sports a .542 batting average and leads the team with 13 runs batted in.

The boys of summer---let's play a double-header

Jack Ostrander eyes a pitch in a 58 and over game.

Don Heilman sends a sacrifice fly to left to score Jim Dunlavy.

John Radsheid unleashes a mighty drive to center field in a 58 and over game.

Jim Dandar, Bill Navarre and Gary Koepfer celebrate a Fricker's Red victory with the help of Lexee's great service.

Willie Geiser of Allshred makes another play at short. Willie leads Allshred with a .737 batting average, 12 runs batted in, and 10 runs scored.

Dale Knepper hits a shot to right field driving in an important run in a 50 and over game.

Five of the managers of 58 and over teams: from left Jerry Keefe, Tom Birie, Paul Pierce, Jeff Lydy, John Buehler.

Don Montague takes a mighty swing at a pitch in a 58 and over game

Jerry Keefe delivers a knuckleball to Tom LoPresto in a recent 58 and over game.

Did I die and go to Heaven or is that Jamie Bishop bringing me a cold beer at Frickers?

Beth Robbins is way too hot to be with Dennis Telmanik and Rick Stager. Unbelievable things can happen to you when you go to Frickers in Sylvania.

There are many great reasons to go to Moe's in Rossford and Rachel is definitely one of them. (the food and beer is not bad either!)

Wayne Rode smacks a triple to left.

Jim Dunlavy rips a single to centerfield in a recent 50 and over game.

Rich "Nutter" McNutt and Don Dheel show off their new uniforms.

Dwaine Nemire takes a mighty swing and rips a double.

Leroy Worrel delivers another strike in a recent 58 and over game.

George Stuller prepares to swing at a Bob Miller pitch in a 50 and over game.

Lee Kramer checks out the "lumber" before a recent 58 and over game.

Power hitter Bruce Anderson launches a ball into the parking lot.

Manager Tom Birie and 3rd basemen Phil Vrzal discuss strategy before a recent 58 and over game---check the standings-the strategy didn't work!!!

Gary Meyer and Rick Beauch go over the lineup to see who Harvard Barber Shop will give a trimming to in a 50 and over game.

John Grayczyk sprints towards home to score an important run in a recent 50 and over game.

George Stuller takes a mighty swing and rips a double to center field.

Murderer's Row---They are still chasing some of the balls hit by Dave Williams, Jay Shramm, Ken Schmenk, and John Radsheid of the 50 and over league.

Dennis Telmanik, Gabe Barrow, Ken Kruez and Skip Pogan celebrate another Barrows Jewelry win in the 50 and over league.

Frank Rosebrock delivers a curveball strike for Barrows Jewelry in a closely contested 50 and over league game.

50 and over softballers Pastor Larry Clark, Bill Evans, Gabe Barrow, Jack Welsh and Gary Beale compare post-game stats.

50 and over players Gary Wahl, Bob Collins and Jim Schneider discuss hitting techniques after a recent game.

A tired group of softball players Rob Boehme, Jerry Keefe and Rich McNutt hitch a ride from Pacesetter's Bob Delaney.

Members of 58 and over Maxwell's Brew team. Standing: Larry Faust, Tom Sarra, Wayne Rode, Chuck McDonald, Charles McMillen. Kneeling: John Strzelecki, Roy Kolschalk.

Merv Scharfman prepares for a 58 and over game.

Pool player manager Maryann Radscheid helps Tom Birie line up a sub for a 58 and over game.

Don Montague tells Jim Nicholson and John Strzelecki about his home runs after a 50 and over game.

Fricker's is where the beautiful people hang out. Becky Westphal, Dave Williams, Candy Adame and Dave Cohen.