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A mens' league established January 2008.
Pacesetter Park, Sylvania,Ohio

2016 Homerun Derby & Cookout Highlights

Bruce Anderson

2016 COOKOUT HEATS UP! Over 140 players and guests partied and had a great time at this years pot-luck feast. Linda Fox, Chairman and her volunteers did an outstanding job. Our thanks to the Sylvania Parks and Recreation staff for their contribution and help.

HOME-RUN DERBY WINNERS! John Johnson, left, the reigning "King of Swat", congratulates Dan Calmes on winning the 50's home-run contest at the August 4th SSS cookout at Pacesetter. John won the 60's category. Calmes plays second for the Legends Roosters and has nine out. Johnson, short-stop for the Legends Fricker's navy blue team, has nine dingers this year.

KING OF SWAT TROPHY! Every year, the winners of the home-run derby receive a beautiful trophy. The annual event is the highlight of the cook-out festivities. John Johnson won the 60's and Dan Calmes the 50's 2016 "King of Swat" title.

Bruce Anderson

FUN TIMES! Rhonda and Perry Chillus join friends and team mates for a good time and some great food at the annual cook-out.

COOK-OUT FUN! Danny Lewis' granddaughter Morgan Hubener and Lidia Ellis are all smiles after discovering the table of sweat desserts at the cook-out.

TRIBE FAN! Alan and Wendy Beerbower at the 2016 cook-out. Alan was a member of the 2015 Fricker's team that won the Legends League and the tournament with a 16-4 record.

Bruce Anderson

BARROW's slugger Jeff and Tina Batanian at the 2106 cook-out.

Bruce Anderson

FRICKER'S Matt and Jamie Dillion enjoying the festivities at the cook-out.

Bruce Anderson

SCHNEIDER SONS ELECTRIC team-mates Jeff Gorney and Ray Armstrong relax after indulging in-burgers hot off the grill.

Bruce Anderson

FRICKER'S team-mates Rick Obert, Tim Rowe and Larry Gagin chillin' out after a hearty meal at the cook-out.

Bruce Anderson

PITCHING SKILLS! Only two players entered this competition at the cookout and Don Diehl, right, scored higher than Jim Dandar to win the plaque.

Bruce Anderson

PARTY TIME! Rhonda and Perry Chillus, center, enjoy the cook-out festeivities with good friends Avery Cooper, left and Kyle Green, right. Avery and Kyle are rookies in the Legends League and play for Fricker's on Thursday nights.