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A mens' league established January 2008.
Pacesetter Park, Sylvania,Ohio




Andy & Barneys
Jerry Keefe
Jim Biglin
Rick Doran
Chuck Feltman
Mark Grimes
Marty Harrison
Neal Koppling
John Kuschell
Joe Lopez
Craig Mantey
Phil Richard
Steve Weiner
Tony Shula
Fritz Hartkopf

Autumn Smashers
Joe Beham
Bud Blanke
John Brubaker
James Dunlavy
Ray Kelble
David Kunst
Jon Labeau
Bob Miller
John Radscheid
Mike Reithmiller
Pat Siebenaller
Terry Thomas
Bill Trego
William Baldwin

Herbs Hammers
Gary Downey
Jim Fedor
Darren Axon
Jeff Batanian
Mike Betley
Kevin Cagle
Brent Crosby
Mark Gedert
Jack Holloway
David Korn
Tim Kuszmaul
George Martinez
Gary Walton
Javier Almanz

Fall Ballers
Rick Schmidt
Robert Boehme
Mark Clair
Jim Dandar
Ron Fox
Scott Gist
Fred Leonard
Dan Leonard
Dwaine Nemire
Dave Obert
Rob Ravin
Dave Ronau
Mike Sanders
Ron Callison

Silver Bullets
Al Seeger
Gabe Barrow
Dave Charlton
Bob Collins
Tom Duhart
Jeff Gorney
Mike Gory
Charlie McMillen
Jay Schramm
Roy Woodworth
John Yocom
Perry Chillus
Mark Murphy
Guy Stager

Silver Bullets team wins the 2013 Sylvania Fall League

LEAGUE CHAMPIONS! The Silver Bullets team won the Sylvania Senior League Fall season and will receive sweatshirts, courtesy of Andy & Barney's Sports Pub. And the winners are: back row, from left, John Yocom, Dave Charlton, Jay Schramm, Tom Duhart & Roy Woodworth. Middle row, from left, Jeff Gorney, skipper Al Seeger, Guy Stager & Bob Collins. Front row, from left, Charlie McMillen, Mark Murphy, Perry Chillus & Gabe Barrow.

Silver Bullets (15), Andy & Barney’s (5): SILVER BULLETS were right on target last night as they defeated Andy & Barney’s 15-5 to win the 2013 Fall League. It was a total team effort as everyone contributed offensively and defensively just like they did all season. A Great bunch of guys and Great team. Good job guys. ANDY & BARNEY’S with a chance for first place, gave up 5 unearned runs in the first inning and the Silver Bullets coasted to a 15-5 win. A&B's squad collected only 12 hits, seven by the trio of Fritz Hartkopf, 3/3, Neal Klopping 2/3 and Phil Richard 2/3.

GOOD SPORTS! Andy & Barney's team lost to the Silver Bullets in the Fall League finals and, as is the custom, congratulate Guy Stager and team mates on winning the 2013 Fall League Championship.

THE WINNERS! Andy & Barney's Chuck Feltman, left, congratulates Al Seeger and team mates on winning the Fall League. A pizza party is planned for the entire league at A&B's pub with the winners receiving sweatshirts, courtesy of Andy & Barney's/Jo-Jo's Pizzeria. The Silver Bullets finished first with A&B's second. Over 70-players participated in the Fall League. "The weather was good and everybody had a lot of fun", said Al. "Great league, great guys".

A&B's Fall Ball Awards

photo/Joel Hansen

AWARDS NIGHT! Fall ball players celebrated at Andy & Barney's Sports Bar with the annual pizza party. The winners received sweatshirts, courtesy of Abe Mahmoud, left, A&B's owner, who also received one. Server Kylie congratulates Guy Stager.

PIZZA TIME! Dave Obert, left, Mark Murphy and Steve Weiner enjoyed hot pizza at Andy & Barney's after a chilly night at the ball park.

FALL LEAGUE softball players Marty Harrison and Mike Sanders joined teammates after the final game of the season at Andy & Barney's.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me - no to you! Guy Stager and Phil Richard shared birthday cake at Andy & Barney's after the final Fall Ball game. Guy and Phil's birthdays were the same week and shared cake with team mates. Happy Birthday!

FALL BALL FUN! Jim Biglin, left and Jim Dandar "warm-up" at Andy & Barney's after a Tuesday night Fall Ball League game. Seventy players participated in the Sylvania Senior League autumn games. The winners receive sweatshirts, courtesy of Andy & Barney's Sports Pub.


Won Lost Pct. GB Avg Scored Avg Allowed Avg Margin
SILVER BULLETS 6 2 0.750 0 14.5 10.9 3.6
ANDY & BARNEY'S 5 3 0.625 1.0 14.4 12.6 1.8
AUTUMN SMASHERS 4 4 0.500 2.0 13.9 11.8 2.1
FALL BALLERS 4 4 0.500 2.0 16.9 16.4 0.5
HERB'S HAMMERS 1 7 0.125 5.0 8.9 16.9 -8.0