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Fricker's Royal Blue Wins
50+ Tournament


FRICKER's ROYAL WINS the 50 and over tournament championship with a 15-3 win over Garcia Surveyors completing the sweep of both 2010 titles. Front row left to right: Ed Blankenship, Al Specht, Jim Dandar, Rob Boehme (mgr), JD McCoy. Back row left to right: Jeff Traudt, Jeff Batanian, Ron Fox, Kevin Koepfer, Rick Stager, Bill Garber. Not pictured: Doug Quint

September 16, 2010
Barrow Jewelers (1): Barrows Jewelry ended the season on a losing note getting outslugged by Frickers Royal blue. Final score of 13 to 1. Jay Schramm pushed the only run across the board for Barrows with a double scoring fleetfooted Ric Beauch from first base. Lee Hinsey added a single as did Dale Knepper. Gabe Barrow made a fine defensive play at third on a hard line drive off the bat of slugger Rob Boehme. The entire Barrows team played hard throughout the season.

Fricker's Royal (13): Jim Dandar set the tone for the game for Frickers Royal by leading off with an inside the park homer in Frickers Royal’s 13 – 1 victory over Barrow Jewelry in the semifinals of the year end tournament. Rick Stager collected 3 hits while Jim Dandar, Rob Boehme, Jeff Batanian, Jeff Traudt, and Ed Blankenship each collected 2 hits in a very impressive victory over a good Barrows team. Ron Fox was excellent on the mound as he shut down a potent Barrows lineup. Royal’s defense was especially good which has been their trademark all season. All of these contributed to a decisive victory over a good team.

Garcia Surveyors (11): A scoreless tie after one inning in the Garcia/Allshred game was ended by a 5 run outburst in Garcia’s half of the second. Allshred answered with 4 runs of their own in the top of the 3rd. With the score 5-4, Ken Bohnenkamp laced a double(with a borrowed bat), followed by a one out inside the park homerun by Bob Hoffman (with a borrowed bat). With 2 out in the bottom of the 3rd, Jeff Huskisson smashed a home run over the left field fence (with a borrowed bat) giving Garcia an 8-4 lead. The top of the 5th saw Allshred roar into the lead with a barrage of hits, leading to 5 runs and a 9-8 score. Garcia knotted the game at 9 runs with 3 singles in the bottom of the frame. 2 more Garcia runs in the 6th, highlighted by Kevin Szenderski’s double and subsequent winning run, sealed the win. Game balls go to The Borrowed Bat, Kevin Szenderski, 3-3, single, double, triple, 3 runs, 2 RBI’s and Jeff Huskisson, 2-3, OTFHR, 2 runs, 1 RBI.

Allshred Services (12): Garcia took advantage of Allshred's misplays to gain a 12-11 victory. Randy Rydman had 3 hits and Willie Geiser had 3 hits including a double and triple. Allshred finished 3rd in the league and tournament.

Fricker's Royal (15): Continuing what would prove to be a special night for Frickers Royal Jim Dandar, Ron Fox, and Jeff Traudt led a very potent offense in collecting 3 hits apiece in Frickers Royal’s 15 – 3 victory over Garcia Surveyors in the tournament championship game. In addition Al Specht, Rob Boehme,and Ed Blankenship contributed 2 hits each as Royal jumped into the lead with 5 runs in the first inning just as they had in their semi final victory. Ron Fox pitched another strong game keeping a strong Garcia lineup in check. Once again Royal’s stellar defense came through in making play after play. Jeff Traudt deserves special recognition as he not only went 3 for 3, knocked in the clinching run, and played excellent defense at shortstop, but did so while suffering a collision at second base midway through the game that landed him in the hospital immediately afterward. Our thoughts and prayers are with him as he recovers from his injury. These two victories conclude a very special and successful season for Frickers Royal as they captured both the regular season and tournament championships. They accomplished this with a potent lineup from top to bottom, excellent, consistent pitching, and a defense that was unparalleled. Different players contributed each week as the team’s success was truly a TEAM EFFORT! Best of all the team’s dedication, enthusiasm, and camaraderie led to a season that was enjoyable as any experience I’ve ever had in 35 years of playing softball. I congratulate and thank the members of this fine team.

Garcia Surveyors (3): Garcia started the game with a 2 run first inning, but couldn’t answer the call when Fricker’s 5 came knocking. Garcia was held scoreless in innings 2,3 and 4, and could only muster one more run in the 5th. Fricker’s 5, on the other hand, scored in every inning, with 5 run max’s in the first & third innings. Game ball goes to JEFF TRAUDT OF FRICKER’S 5, who was injured during an unintentional collision at 2nd base, but continued to play, risking further complications. Congratulations go to the entire Fricker’s 5 team and Manager Rob Boehme.


State Farm Insurance
Wins 58+ Tournament


JOEL HANSEN STATE FARM INSURANCE wins the 2010 58 and over tournament with a 15-0 win over Frickers. Kneeling left to right: Don Dheel, Roy Koschalk, Dave Wise (mgr), George Martinez, Dick Schuller. Back row left to right: Mike Nidek, Tom Bensman, Bill 'Rocky' Navarre, Edgar Thompson, Dwain Hopper, Ken Kreuz. Not pictured: Dave Zaruca and Leroy Worrell. The winners will receive jackets.

September 14, 2010
Fricker's Maroon (0): I want to thank my teammates for their support this season. We had a great season with an overall 14 & 6 record. Congrats to State Farm for an exceptional game beating Frickers 15-0 to win the tournament.

State Farm Insurance (15): STATE FARM CRUSHES FRICKER'S 15 to 0 to win the 58+ Tournament Tuesday night at Pace Setter Park. Manager Dave Wise won the toss and chose to be the visitors and bat first. That brilliant move paid off as George Martinez led off with an in the park HR followed by a Triple by Don Dheel a single by Dick Schuller a double by Ken Kruez and a sacrifice fly by Dave Wise scoring a total of 4 runs in the first inning. Pitching was in the good hands of Don Dheel who pitched a shut out while the State farmers scored 4 more in the second, then 3 in the third and 4 in the fourth to mercy Fricker's at the end of 5. George Martinez was 3 for 3 with a walk and scored 3 runs. Don Dheel was 3 for 2 with a triple and a double and scored 2 runs. Dick Schuller was 3 for 3 and scored 3 runs. Ken Kruez had a double and a triple and was 3 for 3 and scored 2 runs. and made a coaching blunder by having Ed Thompson run Dave Wise had a sacrifice fly 3 times in one inning, once on his own at bat and then twice as a courtesy runner. Ed keep getting forced at second and Dave coaching first, kept asking Ed to run for the batter that had forced him, when an alert first baseman for Fricker's caught the infraction and call Ed out to end the inning. Thus Ed made all three outs in that inning. Rather unique if nothing else. Dwain Hopper was 3 for 3 with a triple and scored 2 runs. Mike Nidek was 2 for 3 with a triple and scored 1 run. Roy Koschalk was 2 for 3 and scored a run. Tom Bensman caught and Bill Navarre scored a run filling in for Dave Zaruca who was being operated on at John Hopkins in Cleveland but who called to wish the team well and will be back in town Thursday. Leroy Worrell was missing in action and couldn't be located when he didn't give anyone his new phone number. It was a great season and the best part was State Farm never used a pool player the entire season. We always had at least 11 in attendance and usually the full 13 man Roster. Thanks to our proud sponsor State Farm and Joel Hansen.