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A mens' league established January 2008.
Pacesetter Park, Sylvania,Ohio


Head Coach

Jay is President of the Sylvania Senior Softball Association and plays a vital role in it's continued success. In the Legends League, he manages and plays on the Barrows' Jeweler's team and plays on The Glass City Investigators , ( his business), on Tuesday nights. The Wounded Warriors exhibition softball games, charity fund-raiser held on May 31, 2014, at Ned Skeldon Stadium was his idea. Driven by an emotional need to honor our veterans, Jay worked tirelessly, directing a team of dedicated volunteers to make this memorable event happen. His wife Vicki, played a vital role in it's success. Jay is a retired Toledo Police Detective.


Axon, Darren
Barrow, Gabe
Beale, Gary
Boehme, Rob
Brubaker, John
Chillus, Perry
Duhart, Tom
Gorney, Jeff
Harrison, Marty
Hendee, Rick
Higgins, Steve
Johnson, Jim
Johnson, John
Klopping, Neal
Labeau, John
Miller, Bob
Richard, Phil
Ronau, Dave
Schneider, Jim
Schramm, Jay
Seeger, Al
Stager, Guy
Williams, Dave
Yocom, John

Allshred team wins the
2014 SSUSA Tournament

The Allshred Pacesetter Property Management team had another successful week-end playing in the 2014 SS-USA Dave Humphries Annual Memorial Tournament at the Lucas County Rec Center in Maumee Ohio.

On Saturday June 21st they played 3 games against some quality teams that traveled from places like Pennsylvania and Detroit. With everyone hitting well it didn't take long for "The Shredders" to take the lead and hang on without even looking back. At the end of the first day "The Shredders were 3 and 0. This meant that they were in the winners bracket on Sunday and only had to win two to win it all.

On Sunday the 22nd they picked up where they left off on Saturday. In their first game they came up to bat with a vision of winning it all. And in that first game they made a statement that they were there to win. After a 3 and half hour wait to meet the winner of the losers bracket you might think the guys were over rested but that was not the case. "The Shredders" picked up where they left off and controlled the game like they were on a mission. And that mission was realized when they won again.

Congratulations to the Allshred Pacesetter Property Management 55 team.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.-The Allshred Services tournament team competed in the ISA Spring event at the Market Commons Field. Back row, from left, Bob Miller, Jeff Gorney, Jay Schramm, Al Seeger, Darren Axon and Jim Schneider. Front row, from left, John Labeau, Jim Johnson, Perry Chillus, Gary Beale, Phil Richard and Gabe Barrow. The team finished 2-2 at the astro-turf complex.

BARBERTON, OHIO - The Allshred Services '55's traveling team took first place in the 2014 SPA Thee Buckeye Classic tournament. Back row, from left, Darren Axon, Jay Schramm, Ric Hendee, John Johnson, Bob Miller, Dave Obert & Jim Schneider. Front row, from left, Neal Klopping, Phil Richard, Gary Beale, Perry Chillus, Jon Labeau & Marty Harrison.

SPA ACTION! Allshred Services OF Perry Chillus charges a ball in the SPA Great Lakes Tournament at Pacesetter Park. Allshred competed in the '55's AAA division.

55's Team wins tournament

THE EAGLE SOARS! Sylvania Eagles SS Patrick Henry goes deep in the hole for a grounder in SPA NIT action at Pacesetter Park, July 31, August 1-3. MVP Henry lead his team with a .650 BA and two HR's. Forty-one teams competed in the annual event.


The Allshred Services Pacesetter Property Management team in the AAA 55 division took home the winners cup at Thee Buckeye Classic in Barberton Ohio.

In the first game behind the hot bat of Rick Hendee who went 5 for 5 with 1 homerun over the fence, the Shredders played like there was no tomorrow. They kept the game close in the first 2 innings & then forced team BSN to put up 3 goose eggs in the last 5 innings. The Shredders struggled a little too but with great defense they were able to hang on & win 17 to 15.

Big hitters for the game included Phil Richard going 3 for 3 with a home run over the right field fence. John Johnson going yard in the 1st & hitting a big 7th inning sacrifice fly to put the Shredders ahead. Perry Chillus went 4 for 5 almost going for the cycle.

In their 2nd game of the day the Shredders took no mercy on theSchramm with trophy local team & only let them score 4 runs in the 1st 2 innings. Once again solid defense played a major part in keeping the River Room Poker Club scoreless in the last 5 innings. Jim Schneider's pitching & defense on the mound help keep the other team from hitting up the middle. One more over the fence home run by John Johnson was the icing on the cake for this game.

For the 3rd game on Saturday the Shredders faced the Golden Vipers & it proved to be a tough one. With the lead going back & forth in the 1st 3 innings the Shredders took advantage & built on their lead only allowing their opponent to score 4 more runs in the last 4 innings. Once again great pitching by Jay Schramm and near perfect defense behind him coupled with another over the fence home run by Rick Hendee and 3 for 4 hitting by Perry Chillus. Final score 15 to 12 without having to bat in the bottom of the 7th.

On Sunday the weather was not cooperative and the rest of the games had to be cancelled. So with the 3 & 0 record and the number of runs differential the Allshred Services Pacesetter Property Management team was announced as the winner of their division. Great job guys & congratulations.

-Jim Schneider


ALLSHRED'S Marty Harrison goes for a grounder in the Sylvania Great Lakes NIT, August 2&3 at Pacesetter Park.

GREAT CATCH! Rick Hendee races to his left to snag a ball at Pacesetter Park, in SPA NIT play. The Allshred OF did double-duty: he also played for the Raptors, a '60's team.