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Pacesetter Park, Sylvania,Ohio


Head Coach

The Sylvania '70's traveling team won the 2013 Big Cat Classic AA tournament at Parma, Ohio and finished second in Thee Buckeye Classic, at Brook Park, Ohio.

Bruce was born and raised in Flint, Mich., where he attended Kearsley H.S. He played in all four sports: football, baseball, basketball and track. At Hillsdale College he majored in Mathematics, with minors in Physics and Physical Education. He played football, basketball and baseball and was a Captain in all three at various times. Bruce retired after teaching at Kearsley, Whitmer and Cental. He played fast-pitch softball for years and then turned to slow-pitch. He was one of the original founders of the SSS league and served on the Board for three years.



FRICKER'S Regional Manager Liesa Wackler, with the cut-glass trophy and autographed team ball the '70's Fricker's Tournament team won at Thee Buckeye Classic, Barberton, Ohio.



Fricker's/SSS take 2nd in "Heart of Ohio" tourney

COLUMBUS, OHIO - The Fricker's/SSS '70's traveling team finished second in the "Heart of Ohio" tournament, June 25-June 27. Jerry Keefe, left, .667 BA, Jim Nickelsen, MVP, defensive player, coach Bruce Anderson, with plaque, Jim Burnor, Jim VanBrandt and Gerry Haniak, not pictured, made the All-Tournament team. The Sylvania squad battled back in the losers bracket to play the Dayton Legends in the finals, losing 11-10

2nd place finish for
Sylvania team

COLUMBUS, OHIO- In game one, the Fricker's/SSS '70's team took the field against the Akron, Ohio AAA Brennan team, winning 13-11. Brennan's was short- handed with several starters AWOL, but proved to be a very competitive team. Steve Seall and Harry Stoddard shared pitching honors, as Fricker's punched out 13-runs, with a well-balanced attack. Dave Shumway was 3/3. Don Lange, Jerry Pickett, Reggie Madden, Gerry Haniak, Jim VanBrandt and Jim Dunlavy had two hits each.

FRICKER'S - 12, INDY CLASSICS - 8 Fricker's Jerry Keefe was at the top of his game, tossing 4-scoreless innings, backed by Dave Shumway at 3rd, Jim Nickelsen at SS, Don Lange up the middle, Bruce Anderson at 2b and Gerry Haniak, making it look easy at 1b. Jim Dunlavy stayed "hot" going 3/3, followed by Haniak, Jerry Pickett and Don Lange with two hits each. Reggie Madden made several fine running catches in left field.

Dayton Legends failed to show for the early morning game and Fricker's won on a forfeit.

JOB CENTRAL - 21, FRICKER'S - 8 Job Central, a strong AAA team, scored 21 runs off pitchers Steve Seall and Harry Stoddard, defeating the Fricker's squad, in a pool play game that mattered not in the seeding for the "AA" teams competition. Perfect at the plate: Reggie Madden 3/3, Jim VanBrandt 2/2 and Jim Dunlavy 3/3.

DAYTON LEGENDS - 20, FRICKER'S - 14 The Fricker's/ SSS team got off to a bad start, with several costly throwing errors and never recovered, losing 20-14, and falling into the losers bracket. Reggie Madden stayed hot, going 4/4. Jerry Pickett and Jerry Keefe where 3/3.

FRICKER'S - 10, INDY CLASSICS - 6 The Sylvania team bounced back after a bad game, winning 10-6. Steve Seall took the mound, pitching five scoreless innings. The defense was solid. Two hits each: Jim Dunlavy, Dave Shumway, Jerry Pickett, Jessie Hughes and Harry Stoddard. Jim Dunlavy roamed far and wide, making several fine catches, as the outfield backed the strong play of the infield with their "A" game

FRICKER'S - 14, DAYTON LEGENDS - 11 Fricker's was once again facing an old nemesis; the Dayton Legends, who they defeated in Dayton, Ohio to win "The first Flight of Ohio" tournament. The defense was up to the task; Jerry Keefe was on the mound and the team was on a roll, scoring 14 runs. Three hits each: Jim Burnor, Jim Nickelsen and Harry Stoddard. Gerry Haniak, Jim VanBrandt, Jerry Pickett and Jerry Keefe had two hits each in a well-balance attack.

DAYTON LEGENDS - 11. FRICKER'S - 10 The heat, humidity and four games in one day took it's toll. The Fricker's squad failed to score in the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th to lose to the Legends 11-10. Jerry Keefe and Harry Stoddard shared pitching duties. Jim Burnor was on a roll, going 3/3. Jim VanBrandt, Don Lange and Bruce Anderson had two hits each. "We ran out of gas!", said Jim Dunlavy. The Fricker's/Sylvania '70's team finished second with a 4-3 record against a strong line-up of AAA and AA teams. SS Jim Nickelsen received the defensive MVP award.

Fricker's/SSS team wins
SPA Tournament in Dayton

Dayton, Ohio - The Frickers'/Sylvania '70's traveling team defeated the Dayton Legends in the finals 9-7 to win the First Flight of Ohio Spa Tournament, May 15 & 16 at Kettering Field. Back row, from left, coach Bruce Anderson, Jerry Pickett, Bob Kein, Jim VanBrandt, Steve Seall, Jim Dunlavy, Clyde Winfield & Jerry Keefe. Front row, from left, Jim Burnor, Jim Nickelsen, Jerry Haniak, Don Lange, Jessie Hughes & Harry Stoddard.

DAYTON, OHIO- A big rainstorm moved into the area Wednesday, canceling the pool-play games on Thursday, May 15 at Kettering Fields. Strong winds moved the storm out and sunshine broke thru the clouds helping to dry the fields for Friday when teams took the field at 10:30am, with temperatures in the low '40's. Rain,mud and wind was a problem all day.

THE FRICKER'S/SSS team drew a bye. The Olde D's lost to the Dayton Legends in the early game and then had to play the Fricker's/SSS team. The Detroit Olde D's lost to the Fricker's squad 14-2 with Harry Stoddard pitching. Fricker's/SSS showcased their hitting skills; led by Jim Dunlavy 3/3, Don Lange 3/3, Jim VanBrandt 3/3, Bruce Anderson 3/4 and Steve Seall 3/4.

Fricker's/SSS pitching ace, Jerry Keefe took the mound against the Dayton Legends and pitched a fine game. Leading 9-7 in the 7th inning; two outs and a man on second and third - a ball was hit to r/c. Jim Dunlavy made a fine running over the shoulder catch for the third out. Fricker's/SSS defeats the Legends 9-7and wins the SPA "AA" First Flight of Ohio Tournament.

DEFENSE was the key; as Fricker's/SSS turned 6-double plays. The team held the Olde D's scoreless for five innings, and the Dayton Legends for three innings.

The Jim's led the way , with Nickelsen3/3, VanBrandt 2/2, Dunlavy 2/2 and a host of others getting two hits each. Not bad for the first outing - and with five new players! Coach Bruce Anderson, recovering from knee replacement surgery played on a limited basis. No pain...our gain!

Our thanks to Fricker's Sports Bar for sponsoring the traveling team!


SPA WINNERS! Jim Dunlavy, left, Jerry Pickett and Jim Nickelsen, are all smiles after winning the Dayton AA SPA tournament.

LONG-TIME FRIENDS Jim Burnor, left, Jim VanBrandt and Jerry Keefe have been hitttin' the road for years playing in tournaments.

DAYTON, OHIO - Coach Bruce Anderson, accepts the 2014 First Flight of Ohio SPA Championship AA plaque for the Frickers'/Sylvania '70's traveling team at Kettering Fields, May 14-15.

photo/JIM SCHNEIDER AWARD WINNING TEAM! Fricker's General Manager Shawn McGill and Regional Manager Liesa Wackler display the trophy awards won by Fricker's '70's tournament team. Skipper Bruce Anderson navigated his team mates to tournament wins in Dayton, Ohio and Barberton, Ohio. The team was runner-up at the Columbus, Ohio and Sylvania, Ohio SPA tournaments.

Fricker's runner-up in
SPA Great Lakes NIT

SPA AWARDS! The Fricker's/SSS '70's AA team was runner-up in the SPA NIT finals, August 2 at Pacesetter Park. Don Lange, left, made the All-Tournament Team, Doug Dillard, MVP, Bruce Anderson, player/ coach with the the team trophy and Dave Shumway, All Tournament Team member.



Fricker's/SSS wins Thee
Buckeye Classic Tourney

BARBERTON, OHIO - The Fricker's/Sylvania '70's traveling team won the prestigious Thee Buckeye Classic Tournament, June 8 -10, defeating the Mississauga Legends 16-12 in the finals. Coached by Bruce Anderson, the team finished with a 5-1 record. Back row, from left, Bruce Anderson, Jim Dunlavy, Reggie Madden, Steve Seall, Jim VanBrandt, Jim Burnor & Jerry Keefe. Front row, from left, Dave Shumway, Jerry Haniak, Jim Nickelsen, Don Lange, Jesse Hughes & Jerry Pickett

Fricker's/SSS team wins
with a 5-1 record!

BARBERTON, OHIO- With a rebuilt line-up, Coach Bruce Anderson has surrounded himself with pitching, defense and an explosive offense. The Fricker's/SSS squad took the field against the Indiana Silver Sticks, with Jerry Keefe on the mound and came away with a 13-4 win. Keefe tossed four scoreless innings, backed by a good core of defenders. Jim Burnor, once again set the pace with three hits. Jim Nickelsen, Jerry Pickett, Gerry Haniak, Reggie Madden, Jim Dunlavy and Don Lange banged out two hits each.

The Fricker's/SSS team defeated the Green Diamond Grill 11-8. Steve Seall took the mound and tossed three scoreless innings. Hot hitters: Jerry Pickett and Dave Shumway, with three hits each. Jim Nickelsen, Gerry Haniak, Steve Seall and Jessie Hughes had two hits each.

The Sylvania team came up short, losing 10-6 to the Mississauga Legends. The bats cooled and the Fricker's team was held scoreless for four innings. The team had the scoring opportunities, but failed to come up with keys hits. Reggie Madden and Jim VanBrandt had two hits each.

The Sylvania '70's team regrouped, and bounced back to win game 4, defeating the Indy Classics 12-5. Pitcher Jerry Keefe, once again shut down the opposition for four scoreless innings. The defense was sharp, and the team had a balanced offensive attack with Jerry Pickett, Gerry Haniak, Jim VanBrandt, Reggie Madden, Bruce Anderson, Jim Dunlavy and Jessie Hughes collecting two hits each.

The Olde D's were no match for the Fricker's/SSS team, losing 23-10. The bats came alive, scoring 5, 3, 5, 0, 2, 4 and four more, for the teams' best offensive output to date. Top hitters: Gerry Haniak and Steve Seall had four hits each, Jim Nickelsen, Reggie Madden, Don Lange and Jessie Hughes collected three hits each and five other players had two hits each.

In the final game, for the championship, Fricker's/SSS faced the Mississauga Legends, winning 16-12. The defense was very good! Hot bats: Jim Dunlavy 4/4, Jim Burnor and Jim VanBrandt 3/4 each. Two hits each: Bruce Anderson, Jerry Pickett, Gerry Haniak and Don Lange. Steve Seall picked up the win.

Jim Dunlavy with a .684 BA, Jessie Hughes, .625 and Jerry Pickett .600. "We've been playing in Thee Buckeye Classic for years", said coach Anderson, "And to win this prestigious tournament is a great feeling. I tip my hat to this team!"

BARBERTON, OHIO - The Fricker's/Sylvania '70's outfield is impressive with dependable Jim Dunlavy, left, Jerry Pickett, Jim Burnor, Jesse Hughes and Reggie Madden roaming the pastures, making exceptional catches. All team members received traveling bags for winning Thee Buckeye Classic Tournament.

GOLDEN GLOVES-all winners! The Fricker's/Sylvania '70's team boasts an impressive infield; from left, M/I Bruce Anderson & C/2b Jim VanBrandt. Front row, from left, 2b Jim Nickelsen, 3b Dave Shumway & SS Don Lange

BATTERY MATES! Pitchers Steve Seall and Jerry Keefe with catcher Jim VanBrandt, at Barberton, Ohio. The Fricker's/Sylvania '70's team finished 5-1, winning Thee Buckeye Classic "AA" bracket championship.