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Pacesetter Park, Sylvania,Ohio


Head Coach

Fred was born in 1948 in small town in Kentucky and moved to Toledo at an early age. He attended Oakdale grade school and is a Waite HS graduate. He spent most of his growing years playing ball in the neighborhood sandlots in east Toledo and started playing men’s soft ball at the age of 13 in Gibsonburg, Ohio where he fell in love with the game. He has been a USSA certified Maumee Valley Umpire for 30 years. Fred also did a tour in Vietnam from 1968-1969 where he received numerous metals including 2 purple hearts. Upon returning home, he raised a family and continues doing what he loves best, playing softball. He is employed by Crown Cork & Seal.




Sylvania 65’s takes 1st Place Trophy in 2017 "Thee Buckeye Classic" 65-AA

On June 8-9th, the Sylvania 65’s AA team traveled to Barberton, Ohio to compete in “Thee Buckeye Classic” Senior Softball Tournament. Sylvania finished first in the 65-AA Class with a 2-0 record and fourth place at 3-3 overall in the 65-AAA Scarlet Division. The Scarlet Division included three AA teams: Sylvania, the Rochester Royals (NY), the Indiana Legends (Columbus, IN) and five AAA teams: the Steel Dawgs (PA-1st overall at 5-1), Michigan Lakers (MI), Ohio Silverado’s (OH), Chicago Blue Chips (IL), and the Syracuse Cyclones (NY). Competing for the Sylvania 65’s was:
Fred Roberts (Coach), Dave Ashman, Ron Callison, Jim Dandar, Jim Dunlavy, Rich Knapp, Dale Knepper, Charlie Oberlin, Mike Riethmiller, Dann Schlenbaker, Granville Smith, Jim Steffes, John Strzelecki, Bill Trego and Tim Wilde, with Jane Wilde (Scorekeeper/Statistician).

Starting on Thursday June 8th with all teams playing under AAA rules (no 5-runs given to AA teams), Sylvania lost its first game 12-10 to the AAA Steel Dawgs (eventual Scarlet Div. champs at 5-1). Sylvania out-scored the Dawgs 5-0 in the 1st, then battled to a Sylvania lead of 8-7 after 6 innings. The 7th saw the Dawgs put 5 runs across, but Sylvania answered with only 2 runs in the bottom half to record the 12-10 loss. Even though Sylvania out-hit the Dawgs 21-14, they came up short on scoring. Leading the offense with 3-3 was Dandar; Knapp, Wilde, Schlenbaker (1 triple), Callison and Knepper each 2-3; Smith and Oberlin (1 triple) both 2-4.

The second game Thursday was against the AA Rochester Royals ending with a victory for Sylvania, 20-10. Overall, Sylvania had a good defensive effort and out-hit the Royals 23-18, allowing only 2 extra base hits in the 18. Sylvania however had some hot bats stroking 3 doubles, 4 triples and 1 HR. Offensive leaders were Knapp 3-4(1 dbl), Ashman 3-4(2 dbl, 1 tri), Dandar 3-4(1 tri), Oberlin 2-4(1 HR), Wilde, Schlenbaker and Callison all 2-4 with 2 singles each, Smith 1-3(1 tri, 1 sac), Trego 1-3(1 tri).

The third game Thursday paired Sylvania with the AAA Michigan Lakers; the “Lakers” prevailed 14-13. In a close, low scoring game, each team scattered 19 hits, Sylvania logging 6 extra base hits to the Lakers 2. The end of the 6th found the game knotted at 12-12. A single, a double and walk coupled with an error allowed the Lakers to plate 2 in the top of the ninth. Sylvania, with a single and a double could only plate 1 giving the Lakers the 1 run win. Overall it was second competitive game of the day with an AAA team for Sylvania. Offensive leaders were Knapp 4-4(4 sgl), Smith 3-4(2 dbl, 1sgl), Wilde, Callison, Strzelecki all 2-3 with 2 singles each, Trego 2-3(1 dbl, 1tri), and Ashman 2-4( 1 dbl, 1 HR).

After the third game Thursday, tired and hungry, the team returned to the hotel for our first ever team-tourney cookout. A special thanks to Jane & Tim Wilde for coordinating the event and putting together a great off-the-field gathering for the Sylvania 65’s. See more on this event at the end of this article.

On Friday, Sylvania’s fourth game was against AAA Syracuse Cyclones. Sylvania put up 5 runs in both the 1st and 5th innings holding the Cyclones to one 5-run inning in the 2nd. At the end of 6 innings, Sylvania was up 16-11; the Cyclones scored 2 in the top of the 7th ending the game with a 16-13 score for Sylvania’s second win of the tournament. The Sylvania bats were hot again, offensive leaders at 3-3: Smith (3 sgl), Steffes (1 sgl, 1 dbl, 1 HR), Dandar (2 sgl, 1 dbl); Schlenbaker 2-2(2 sgl, BB), Oberlin 2-3(1 sgl, 1 tri), Ashman 2-3(2 sgl, sac), Riethmiller 2-3(2 sgl), Knapp 2-4(1 sgl, 1 dbl), Knepper and Wilde each 1-2 with singles.

Sylvania’s fifth game opponent was the AA Indiana Legends. Sylvania prevailed with a 20-11 score for their 3rd tourney win, the second win against a class AA opponent. This win captured the AA 1st Place Trophy for Sylvania. Sylvania’s pitching and defense held the Legends to three 1-run innings and scoreless in two other innings. Sylvania’s bats didn’t cool down this game, producing 26 hits including 4 doubles, 3 triples and a home run. The hitter’s patience at the plate also garnered 7 walks. Offensive leaders were Trego 3-3 (3 sgl, BB), Wilde 2-2(2 sgl, BB), 3-4 each: Knapp (sgl, dbl, tri), Steffes (2 sgl, HR), Dunlavy (3 sgl), Strzelecki (3 sgl), Oberlin 2-3(sgl, tri, BB), 2-4 each: Smith (2 dbl) and Callison (2 sgl), and Ashman 1-2 (dbl, 2 BB).

The sixth and last game paired Sylvania with the AAA Ohio Silverado’s who prevailed 19-12, giving Sylvania its third close loss. The Silverado’s collected 20 hits to Sylvania’s 18 which included 4 extra bases by doubles; however, Sylvania didn’t stay with them in crossing the plate. Going into the top of the 7th with the score favoring the Silverado’s 19-6, Sylvania put together a valiant effort to plate 6, but it wasn’t quite enough. Offensive leaders were Wilde 3-3, Smith(BB) and Roberts each 2-2, Knapp, Ashman(1 dbl) and Schlenbaker each 2-3, and Knepper 1-2(dbl), Steffes and Dandar each with a double.

The final win-loss tournament stats were: AAA Michigan Lakers 4-2; AAA Ohio Silverado’s 3-3; AAA Chicago Blue Chips 4-2; AAA Steel Dawgs 5-1; AAA Syracuse Cyclones 1-4; AA Indiana Legends 3-3(AAA) including 1-1(AA); AA Rochester Royals 0-6(AAA) including 0-2(AA); and AA Sylvania 65’s 3-3(AAA) including 2-0(AA).
Again, special recognition for their extra duty with pinch running goes to Dave Ashman, Granville Smith, Rich Knapp, Jim Steffes and Jim Dandar (also great pitching). And, another hearty “thank you” goes out to official Scorekeeper/Statistician Jane Wilde and “super fan” Linda Ashman.



Sylvania 65’s at "Thee Buckeye Classic" in Barberton, Ohio: back row (l to r) - Ron Callison, Rich Knapp, John Strzelecki, Dave Ashman, Fred Roberts (Coach), Granville Smith, Tim Wilde. Middle row (l to r) - Charlie Oberlin, Bill Trego, Jim Dandar, Dann Schlenbaker, Mike Riethmiller, Dale Knepper. Front - Jane Wilde. Absent from picture - Jim Steffes and Jim Dunlavy.



Fred Roberts, Sylvania 65’s coach accepts the 1st Place Trophy for the 65-AA class at “Thee Buckeye Classic” from Red Bole, Tournament Director.

Thursday afternoon cookout after
1st day at Barberton softball tournament

Fred Roberts, coach, cook and head bottle washer takes charge at the grill!

John Strzelecki and Rich Knapp (front) discuss game strategy while Jane and Tim Wilde (back) critique Fred’s cooking skills.

Jim Dandar, Granville Smith, Dann Schlenbaker, Charlie Oberlin, Fred Roberts and Linda & Dave Ashman enjoy the food and camaraderie at the cookout.

Fred Roberts, Ron Callison and Dann Schlenbaker relax after a long day at the ballpark.


Sylvania 65’s (AA) Finishes Third in its Inaugural
2017 Tourney


On May 11th, the Sylvania 65’s AA team traveled to Dayton, Ohio to kick off the 2017 tournament season playing in the First Flight of Ohio Senior Softball Tournament. Sylvania finished third with 4 wins and 3 losses playing in the 65’s bracket against four AAA teams including the Dayton Legends 65-AAA (Dayton, OH); Doc Martens Rope Course 65-AAA (Martens, MI); Jim & Joe’s Icemen 65-AAA (Louisville, KY) and Universal 65-AAA (Columbus, OH). Competing for the Sylvania 65’s was:

Fred Roberts (Coach), Dave Ashman, Tom Birie, Dick Block, Ron Callison, Jim Dandar, Jim Dunlavy, Rich Knapp, Dale Knepper, Glen Kurtz, Dann Schlenbaker, Granville Smith, Gary Walton and Tim Wilde, Jane Wilde (Scorekeeper/Statistician)


In Thursday’s “Pool Round”, Sylvania won its first game 19 – 18 over Universal. It was a close scoring battle inning by inning until the 5th when with good pitching and a strong defensive effort, Sylvania was able to keep Universal from scoring. The last inning saw Sylvania scoring 2 runs leaving the home team Universal down 19-15. After Universal’s first six at-bats in that last inning, they had scored 3 runs, had 1 out and 2 runners on base. Sylvania stepped up to the challenge and recorded 2 outs with the next 2 hitters to seal the victory. As Sylvania totaled 25 hits, leading the offense were Dave Ashman (HR) and Gary Walton each 3-3; and Glen Kurtz, Tim Wilde and Ron Callison each 3-4.


The second pool game Thursday was against Jim & Joe’s Icemen ending with another victory for Sylvania, 20-15. Again, in most innings it was a close scoring game except for the 2nd and 3rd when Sylvania outscored Jim & Joe’s 8-0. Overall, Sylvania had a good pitching and defensive effort and out-hit Jim & Joe’s 21-15. Offensive leaders were Granville Smith 4-4, Tim Wilde and Ron Callison each 3-3, Rich Knapp 3-4, Gary Walton and Jim Dandar each 2-3 as was Dave Ashman including his 2nd homerun of the day.


The third pool game Thursday paired Sylvania with Doc Martens of Michigan; the “Doc’s prevailed 17-14. With Doc’s scattering 20 hits, including 6 extra base hits, and collecting 5 walks, Sylvania’s 18 hits, including 3 doubles for extra bases couldn’t produce the runs to keep pace with Doc’s scoring. Offensive leaders were Tim Wilde 3-3, Rich Knapp, Dave Ashman, Dann Schlenbaker, Jim Dandar and Tom Birie each 2-3.


Thursday’s results ended with Sylvania having won 2 and losing 1, which drew a 4th seed for Friday’s bracket play. Sylvania’s first Friday bracket game matched them again with Jim & Joe’s Icemen from Louisville. Even as close as the first matchup was on Thursday (Syl. win 20-15) this 2nd game couldn’t have been closer. Again, in most innings it was a close scoring contest with 3 lead changes after 6. Now the Icemen with a 17-16 lead were going to bat in the top of the 7th. Some excellent pitching and stellar defense by Sylvania held the Icemen to 1 run in their turn at the plate. The bottom of the 7th saw Jim Dunlavy leadoff with a single; Dick Block followed with a double scoring Dunlavy. Rich Knapp then singled scoring Block; Knapp moved to 2nd on a walk to Granville Smith. Dave Ashman then stepped to the plate and delivered his 3rd hit of the game scoring Knapp for the winning margin of 19-18. A key hit in the game came in the 4th inning with the bases full, Jim Dandar unloaded a “tweener” shot that found the fence clearing the bases with fleet foot Dandar easily beating the throw to home for an “inside the park” Grand Slam home run. That hit coupled with Tim Wilde, Dann Schlenbaker and Ron Callison filling the bases before brought Sylvania back to 13-13 after 4. Offensive leaders were Jim Dandar 3-3 (2 singles, HR), Dann Schlenbaker 2-2 (2 singles, BB), Dave Ashman 3-4 (2 singles, double), Granville Smith, Gary Walton and Ron Callison all 2-2 (2 singles each), and Rich Knapp 2-4 (single, double).


Universal, Sylvania’s second Friday bracket game opponent was a rematch of Thursday’s first game. Sylvania again prevailed, this time with a 6 run margin, 22-16. Sylvania’s pitching and defense held Universal scoreless in the 1st and 5th innings and at 2 runs each in the 2nd, 4th and 7th innings. Offensive leaders were Gary Walton 4-4, Tim Wilde 3-3 and a BB, Dave Ashman 2-2 and 2 BB, Ron Callison 3-4, Dick Block 2-3, Rich Knapp and Granville Smith each 2-4.


The third Friday bracket game again paired Sylvania with Doc Martens of Michigan; the “Doc’s again prevailed 18-15, giving Sylvania 2 of its 3 tournament losses. The Doc’s collected 20 hits, including 8 extra base hits of 4 doubles and 4 triples, and collecting 6 walks. Sylvania’s 14 hits, including 5 doubles and a 3-run homer by Dave Ashman (his 3rd of tourney) put them up 15-13 at the end of the 5th inning. However, only 2 hits and no runs in the 6th and 7th didn’t keep pace with the home team Doc’s scoring 5 in the 6th for their win. Offensive leaders were Dave Ashman 3-3, Jim Dandar 2-2, Ron Callison and Dale Knepper each 2-3, Rich Knapp 2-4 and Granville Smith 1-2.


The fourth Friday bracket game matched Sylvania against Jim & Joe’s Icemen whom outscored Sylvania 21-10, avenging the Thursday 20-15 loss. With a short roster due to injuries, a tired Sylvania team didn’t put together a good game being out hit 23-14, producing only 2 extra base hits and collecting just 1 BB. Offensive leaders were Tim Wilde 3-3, Rich Knapp and Jim Dandar each 2-3 and Granville Smith 1-2. For the final tournament standings, Doc Marten's (First) defeated Jim & Joe's (Second) in the finals, Sylvania 65's (Third) lost to Jim & Joe's in the finals of losers bracket, Universal finished 4th and the Dayton Legends 5th. Sylvania finished third with a very respectable 4-3 win/loss tournament record competing against the four AAA clubs. Overall tournament offensive leaders: 15 hits each - Dave Ashman (.750 avg, 3 HR, 15 RBI), Tim Wilde (.750 avg, 12 RBI), Ron Callison (.652 avg, 8 RBI), Rich Knapp (.577 avg, 3 RBI); 13 hits each – Jim Dandar (.619 avg, 1 HR, 11 RBI), Granville Smith (.591 avg, 7 RBI); 12 hits – Gary Walton (.750 avg, 8 RBI).


Special recognition for their extra duty with pinch running goes to Dave Ashman, Granville Smith, Rich Knapp, Jim Dandar (also great pitching), Gary Walton and Dick Block. A hearty “thank you” goes out to official Scorekeeper/Statistician Jane Wilde and “super fan” Karen Knepper.